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  1. welasharon

    subscription notifications stopped today

    I got my last one at 1:26 this afternoon. I went in and tried to reset it to immediate notifications but it resets itself to site only...any suggestions. I'm having withdrawls here...
  2. welasharon

    Kudos to USPS

    Pride and Joy (on here) mailed two o shamo to me Tues afternoon at 2:00. My post office called me Thurs morning at 8:30 to come get my chickens! They went from one end of Florida up to the other and over near Tallahassee. Quick trip! It took me 14 hours to drive that trip last year.
  3. welasharon

    New Kindle Fire finally

    Woo hoo! I just pre-ordered the new Kindle Fire with internet! I have been waiting all year for this!
  4. welasharon

    Dry pox observations

    Last year my chickens had fowl pox. Typical lesions...round patchy bumps on the combs and the wattles. Went away on its own. This year my polish and other non-typical comb varities got pox as bumps on their faces and on the beaks themselves. Some who were worse off got them all over their legs...
  5. welasharon

    juvenile breda with leg issues

    I have a breda juvenile a couple of months old that seems to have injured its legs/hip joint? The first morning it was squatted down with its legs spread sideways and its belly on the ground. I picked it up and checked its legs and manipulated everything and all seemed fine. I put it down and it...
  6. welasharon

    So...broomstick was a failure

    I had to dispatch a mean roo. Tired the broomstick method.....his head popped out from under the stick! I won't go into the details but I eventually got it done but I feel so stupid. I guess maybe I didn't step down hard enough? I am not sure how I managed to mess it up but I surely did. I think...
  7. welasharon

    taming feral rooster

    Anyone with experience getting a feral rooster used to roosting in a pen? There is a feral rooster that has been hanging around here with my hens since his last two went missing. I was wondering about how long I would need to pen him up in the pen to get him to return to it instead of the pines...
  8. welasharon

    save me from old people

    at least the ones who pretend to know it all. I am technically an old person too but wanted to warn you all....just because a person is old that does not mean they know everything! Some idiots manage to make it to be old too. A friend of mine has six new chickens about a couple months old. She...
  9. welasharon

    Kindle Fire

    Anybody else pre-order one?
  10. welasharon

    Elvis and Dahlia their crests look hideous. I gave up on the crest washing....needed two other hands to get the ick out. Ah well...your own babies are always the prettiest! LOL
  11. welasharon

    Dana's girls' retirement home

    Dana we have the girls' retirement home ready! Will work on the coop this week. this is her view from the back door and this is the pen sharon
  12. welasharon

    Eeeew eeeew a frog...

    My cuckoo marans was on the roost this afternoon and I noticed how large her crop I was looking at it it MOVED!! At first I thought she had the hiccups....then I realized chickens probably don't hiccup. OMG. It kept moving. Then I realized it was a very big frog or toad that she had...
  13. welasharon

    vent gleet

    Have a banty hen that I thought was going broody. Turns out she had an egg she could not lay. I finally helped her by grabbing the egg from behind and working the vent around the egg (after a bath soak and some oiling). At the time I didn't think the egg was all that big really. Now, several...
  14. welasharon

    I have been to serama heaven...

    I got a chance today to visit Grady Taylor and see all his seramas. Unreal. This was my first chance to see seramas in person instead of just in pics on the computer. WOW! We spent two and a half hours talking and looking at seramas. He is absolutely the nicest most patient man. I was amazed at...
  15. welasharon

    Removing light?

    I have four baby silkies (around 8 weeks old-ish) that have been in my house for a few weeks. I put them out in my open air pen in a separate enclosure with the heat lamp that they had inside. The ambient temp last night was 45. The light kept it at 55 or so. They seemed to do fine. This week we...
  16. welasharon

    Two of each?...silkies

    I am thinking pullet on left, roo on right? each pic sharon
  17. welasharon

    neglected chicken spurs

    I am going to be taking care of some chickens that have not been taken care of very well. Their feet are eat up with scaly leg mites. I have permission to start treating them Thurs night. Today I went to see them and noticed some of the roos have spurs that are three or more inches long and...
  18. welasharon

    Fowl pox pics

    Feel like that is what Zelda has. First noticed the black scabby place on her comb. THought maybe it was a bite wound but then the other spots started today.
  19. welasharon

    treating leg mites in volume update..problem toe

    So, I knew better but looked anyway..There is a place here that has recreated an old community. In it they have chickens. The chickens have leg mites so bad some are missing toes. The fellow there said he is putting kerosene on them. No way in hades is that old guy catching all those chickens...
  20. welasharon

    Top dog....errr..chicken question

    If there is a roo in a flock is he always the dominant one? Would a hen ever dominate over a rooster? sharon
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