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  1. Mylied

    Cute Tiny Chick

    I put some of these tiny eggs I started to get in the incubator with some others. I guessed they were serama eggs from my young serama pullet but they could be other pullet eggs. Tiny egg, silkie egg, full sized egg, duck egg. Tiny babies hatched. Only one was dry so far. Full sized ee...
  2. Mylied

    Poll: Will a bantam cochin rooster attempt to mate a serama hen?

    Just curious as I currently have them all together.
  3. Mylied

    Hawk Tore Up Turkey *graphic pics*

    Yesterday a hawk attacked my very large turkey hen. Her back was very bloody and under her wing but I didn't get a close look at the wounds. I sprayed her down with blu kote. Today I got a good look. She has some pretty bad gashes in the skin. Under her wing is a tear in the skin which you can...
  4. Mylied

    What are the Chances?

    You ever hatch out all one sex? I have about 10 grow outs I hatched and /all/ are cockerels. What the heck? Looks like the younger 5ish are leaning cockerel too.
  5. Mylied


    I have a pullet that started limping maybe a month ago. I thought she hurt her leg. It progressively got worse and now she's in the classic mareks pose of one leg forward and back. She was raised and been with 8 other pullets, a turkey poult, and 2 peafowl. None of the others are showing any...
  6. Mylied


    I'm pretty good at sexing my own birds but /all/ the frizzles that hatched are looking like cockerels. Most of the non frizzled too. This one doesn't have the red comb like the others but look at those dang wattles. Should I give up hoping it might be a pullet? Age: 5-6 weeks Breed: frizzled...
  7. Mylied

    Is there an araucana thread?

    I just wanted to show off my babies and learn some things about the breed. I did a search and failed to find one. This is my tufted Mr. Reginald. He may be a she, I don't know yet.
  8. Mylied

    Frizzled Silkie

    I have a frizzled cochin rooster and silkie hens. They made some frizzled offspring that has light skin. If I breed a frizzled offspring back to a silkie, will I get any frizzled silkies with black skin or will I lose the frizzle? Not sure if it's dominant or recessive.
  9. Mylied

    Some Cuteness

    My two showgirls and one of my young silkies went broody all on one nest. I wasn't really paying attention as I let them do what they want. I finally decided to go through the nest and there were 46 eggs. Oops. 14 were with in days of hatching so I put them back under the girls. 12 looked about...
  10. Mylied

    Question about muscovy

    Is there a reason you can't buy sexed muscovy ducklings but can get sexed ducklings of other breeds? If I got a handful of muscovy ducklings would I not be able to sex them myself?
  11. Mylied

    Anyone have seminole pumpkin seeds?

    I wanted to try to grow some. I can swap other veggie seeds. I have a lot of heritage seeds. That way we each only have to pay for a stamp on an envelope.
  12. Mylied

    Are ducks less likely to get attacked by hawks?

    I've had hawks kill adult chickens. They leave my turkeys alone. How well do you think a duck would survive? They're bigger than chickens. Pekins and muscovy. They're in an enclosed, covered pen now but I was thinking of putting up electric netting around a shade tree and moving them there for...
  13. Mylied

    Weird mass on tracheal bifurcation - duck

    I processed two 18 week old ducks today. One had this hard hollow mass on it's trachea. I've done a whole lots of other birds and a few ducks. Haven't seen this before. Any clues what it is?
  14. Mylied

    Can sex be determined?

    My peachicks are ~9 weeks and 6 weeks. Indian blue. Is there a way to sex them or should I wait longer?
  15. Mylied

    10 weeks old sex?

    Ok. So I helped a local person out identifying which of his birds were male and female. He's not sure of breed or crossbreed status as he got them from a backyard chicken person. It is 10 weeks old. Its comb has been red at least a couple weeks. It crows. I saw it in person and said male. People...
  16. Mylied

    Peachick Housing

    I have 2 peachicks I just got. 4 weeks and 7 weeks. I live in Georgia so it's pretty hot out. I've read they shouldn't be on the ground for at least 3 months. Is a raised hutch best? Do they need heat longer than chicks? Thanks! If you have any good enclosure pics , I'd love to see them.
  17. Mylied

    Random Photo Shoot *pic heavy*

    Instead of cleaning my bedroom like an adult, I took some pretty pictures of my chicks and two poults.
  18. Mylied

    Introducing new ducks

    I have 3 pekin hens and a muscovy drake. I got two young jumbo pekins that are about the same size as my adult regular pekins. The guy said they were 2 months old. I'm not sure. They still have a little fluff mixed in with their feathers. One is definitely a female. I suspect the other is a male...
  19. Mylied

    What Might the Poult Look Like?

    I've had my holland white for going on 3 years. I was given her by a friend so she's around 6 years old. I have a narragansett tom. As much as they try, they've never successfully hatched poults. So I took some eggs to incubate. One is going strong. I'm excited to see what it'll look like. I'd...
  20. Mylied

    Poult disaster

    I've raised poults for several years. This year is my first time with broad breasted whites. I got five on April 18th. I have them in with chicks and ducklings. They eat dumor starter/grower. This is what I've always fed poults. They have heat and water. They've been fine and active. On Friday...
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