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  1. Ribh

    MJ's Challenge ~ The Voyage Out

    @MaryJanet ;@Aussie-Chookmum; @drstratton; @RoyalChick ... Please post here when you have your copy of the book so we know when we are all ready to start.
  2. Ribh

    Watery/foamy eye

    I noticed this forming in the corner of my chicken's eye this morning. I have separated her from the flock & swabbed the eye with warm water with a tiny bit of Betadine diluted in it. I hope to be able to get her to a vet on Thursday. Until then how should I best treat her. She is eating &...
  3. Ribh

    Hen or rooster?

    I was approached by a new member @Margaret Forsyth , for help with these 2 birds. Unfortunately she chose a member who keeps an all hen flock & has no experience with roosters. Yes, I have her permission to post this. She doesn't know the breed but says they are about 5 months old. This is the...
  4. Ribh

    Is it ok to Put Sea Grass in my Chicken Run?

    I live in a coastal region & after any big wind I can collect tons of sea grass that has piled up along the foreshore for free. Is it something that I can add to the run litter or will there be too much salt? Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
  5. Ribh

    Open Coop.

    Our new coop for 12 chickens. We don't have predators & are subtropical. We do have doors to hang . They will swing right back so the front remains open unless it gets very blustery & will hang 2' from the edge of the coop floor so there is ventilation from below. 1 1/2' deep Ventilation under...
  6. Ribh

    Ribh's D'Coopage

    My first chicken coop was an upturned trampoline covered in chicken wire. My chickens were rescues ~ so I don't feel as bad I might for being so totally ignorant about chickens. They were only in the coop @ night anyway & ventilation wasn't a problem. The girls thrived & provided our family...
  7. Ribh

    Help, Please.

    M My neighbour has ducks, a drake & his mate. I know nothing about ducks so here's my questions: Does anyone know what breed they are & general breed characteristics? At present they are penned but their property isn't fenced so are they likely to roam if let out & are they destructive to...
  8. Ribh

    Three Chooks, One Nesting box...

    We do have more nesting boxes but everyone likes this particular nest. My fourth girl was desperate to join them but they are literally piled on top of each other in there!
  9. Ribh

    Unusual Visitors.

    Out hosing down the deck because, you know, chickens.... & spot this visitor. I love having these visitors pass through our place.
  10. Ribh

    First Aid Kit.

    Ok, everybody. I've looked & can't find anything outlining a basic poultry first aid kit. What do you all consider essential to have? Please bear in mind brand names are useless for those of us outside the U.S.A ~ we need to know if it's an antiseptic or antibiotic or whatever. Muchus gratias.
  11. Ribh

    Mad chook.

    @ present I have 2 BAs & 2 BRs. They are all roughly the same age, get along well together, & have been laying since around September. They all lay a nice large egg with a good firm shell. I have had trouble with the BRs constantly going broody ~ & yes, have been breaking them as we don't have...
  12. Ribh

    Weird Chicken Tale.

    So I had to visit my mum for a week & left my flock in charge of DH, who is good to go about collecting the eggs & making sure the girls are in for the night. He's not really a chicken fan but he loves me so he was pretty distressed to ring me the first morning & say one of my Rocks was missing...
  13. Ribh

    Aussies, Take Your Temperature!

    Yesterday we hit a high of 28C on the island with 29C forecast for today. We also get an almost constant sea breeze so neither we nor our chooks are suffering too badly through the heatwave but how are the rest of you doing? Brissie was in the low 30's yesterday but no breeze. I had to go to...
  14. Ribh


    Because I am curious... Many of us seem to have a favourite bird whether we keep chickens or peahens, ducks or guinea fowl. How did your favourite end up being your favourite? And I'd love to see a pic! :) Hepzibah is mine because when I got this batch of chickens she was the only one I was...
  15. Ribh


    So I was googling because one of my Rocks has distinct white ears; the other 2 girls have greyish ears & did you know the colour of the ears can predict what colour eggs you will have? Gobsmacked! White ears, white eggs; brown ears, brown eggs ~ variations within the spectrum & yes, my white...
  16. Ribh

    Dragon Chickens [Dong Tao ]

    Has anyone ever had these in their flock? What sort of temperament do they have? Anyone know anything about obtaining & raising them? Link here for pictures:
  17. Ribh

    Protector Cat.

    I like cats even more than I like chickens. I have more chickens than cats because our council only allows me 2 cats but I can have up to 12 chickens. My neighbours have dogs. I have heard ad infinitum how protective dogs are ~ which is true ~ but I want to introduce you to Kirby, my...
  18. Ribh

    Cat Food Question.

    Not being American: what exactly are you referring to when you say you use cat food for your chooks? Out here that would be wet food. Cat biscuits is the dry stuff. Either or?
  19. Ribh

    The Difference between us & them...

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  20. Ribh

    Constant Brooder.

    This is Hepzibah, one of my Barred Rocks. She arrived @ POL @ the beginning of August so this is her first laying season. I know Rocks sometimes have a tendency to go broody but twice in a month?! I don't have a roo & don't want to raise chicks myself but I do want her eggs so this is mighty...
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