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  1. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'Why are my chickens mean to each other?'

    Somehow I missed this one, Bob. I have no helpful suggestions as my flock is generally very calm but I have worked very hard to ensure most of my hens are calm, docile sorts. I don't like bullies & have not replaced any breeds showing such tendencies.
  2. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'Fluffy Butt Acres: The Coop'

    Well done, Bob! Love all the pictures. They really help explain what you have done.
  3. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'HELP, MY FLOCK IS FLIGHTY.'

    It has ~ but it has taken a lot of time. They are so beautiful it is worth every minute! :)


    It’s happened to us all. Whether by accident or design we find ourselves with one ~ or perhaps a whole flock, of flighty chickens. These are the nightmare birds for the backyard keeper. For the definition of this article I am including birds that spook easily. A frightened bird will fly, badly...
  5. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'Alice's Amazing Moult ( Molt )'

    Alice looks wonderful now though! Shows even the hardest moult shall pass & bring a beautiful chicken to light. :)
  6. Ribh

    Review by 'Ribh' in article 'Singing the Song of Their People: The Egg Song, Why do hens sing?'

    Thanks, Bob. Excellent summary. I actually wish people wouldn't call it the egg song as it really isn't. In my all hen flock my Beta does escort duty & some of my girls are rowdier than others. One or 2 never call for an escort & sometimes we have *group hugs* where a gaggle will go all together.
  7. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'My coop page'

    Not yet. I'm a little short on time just now. We are moving my middle son out of his house & preparing to build me a new coop. I will let you know when I get around to it. :)
  8. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'My coop page'

    It shows!
  9. Ribh

    Comment by 'Ribh' in article 'My coop page'

    What beautiful, healthy looking chickens!
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