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  1. Goosebumps

    How do I give away all these unwanted ducks?!

    Abi, the one on pond had 8 new babies. She nests in a tree cavity that has historically been a very unproductive nest but she proved it could be done. Nester was on the back porch, she took over a nest I had for my Polish Chicken. I was hoping she would hatch those chicken eggs because I can't...
  2. Goosebumps

    Sebastopol Geese Thread !!!!!!!!!! SHOW YOUR PICS !!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know of anyone in Texas (or close to Texas) who is or will be selling Sebastopol ducklings? I saw the comment about the Glory to God farm in New York and went to her webpage. A bit too far I think to ship babies.
  3. Goosebumps

    Comment by 'Goosebumps' in item 'Polish'

    I love my Polish girl "Gita." I've never had any aggressive behavior come from her. She used to bow down when I said her name knowing I was about to pick her up. Then I got Rue, my Black Cochin bantam (did I say that right?) Now she will have nothing to do with me, she adores him and he worships...
  4. Goosebumps

    Help with Gosling & Parents

    What the best age to separate goslings from Mom & Dads? The goslings are 3 wks old now and I dont want to separate them before Mom (and Dads) have taught them all they need to know. Im having severe anxieties about separating parents from goslings. Ive considered allowing the person who is...
  5. Goosebumps

    Free Dozen of Geese and Goslings-NE Texas

    3 adult geese -2 males and 1 female family with 9 three week old goslings available to NON eating- goose lovers only. The female is a Roman Tufted (Tickles) -one male is an Emden (Emsley) and the other male is a Roman (Gimp) who has limped since being accidentally stepped on during an act of...
  6. Goosebumps

    Goslings of 2014 Hatch-a-long

    My one year old Roman Tufted goose Tickles hatched out 9 goslings yesterday. Her husbands -Gimp who has a small tuft but acts very Chinese and Emsley -an Embden are being very devoted and protective dads. Im just so impressed that she hatched all of them out despite an ice storm and colder than...
  7. Goosebumps

    Free Ducks and Geese -East Texas

    We are going to move and my ducks need rehoming. A few must go in sets if someone doesnt take them all. My tiny female crested East Black Indies -Josephine is mated with a philandering but devoted tiny white crested Pekin-Georgie and they have one son -Joey -black East Indies. They also adopted...
  8. Goosebumps

    White Crested Polish Roo (NE Ohio)

    I found this post. Moderator Yes, chickens can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. that can receive overnight (1 day) Express Mail deliveries from you. Newly hatched chicks and ducklings/goslings can be sent priority mail (2 days). You will need to talk to the person who handles Express mail...
  9. Goosebumps

    White Crested Polish Roo (NE Ohio)

    I would love to have your Roo because I have ONE chicken - a white crested polish female (Gita) Im in Texas! She is very spoiled and adored but needs a mate I think... Can you ship him? I will pay if its 'safe' to do so... Email: [email protected]
  10. Goosebumps

    White Chinese Goose Gender

    Now I think I know why my sweet Embden isn't so sweet...:-) Thought something was different when a friend dropped off two baby Embdens without a still not sure but can't post pics until I've got 5 posts.
  11. Goosebumps

    Thinking about getting geese, but have a couple ?s

    A newby to geese as well but I've researched and learned a lot hands on lately. I spend every day with a Roman Tufted and an Embden. Until they were two months I saw no aggression toward others but since then they will go after anyone who visits, especially children. They NEVER act aggressive...
  12. Goosebumps

    Sebastopol Sebastian Showing Off His Tuft & Big Boy Feathers **PICS**

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Do all Sebastopols have tufts? Is he mixed? My goose has a tuft but no curls at 3 months. Is it possible he might get curls lol? I would love to have a Sebastopol! They are so beautiful! Love the pics, they're awesome.
  13. Goosebumps

    Name Change

    Was wondering the same thing. I haven't posted 5 times yet but I am a gold feather member...want to change from jannandavid to Goosebumps. Thanks.
  14. Goosebumps

    Goslings pinching and charging

    I have 3 month old goslings, Gabby an Embden and Tickle a Roman Tufted. I just got two more Embdens about one month old. Someone thought they were cute at Easter but decided they didn't want them anyone. Anyway, introduced them to my big babies and Gabby pinches them and Tickle is charging them...
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