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  1. WindStep

    Bloody Eggs?

    Hi I have a bantam chicken laying eggs every day, but for the past Few days the little white eggs Are little red eggs with blood pattys here and there all over it and I was wandering should I be Worried about this or is it just something that happens every now and Then and will go away in time?
  2. WindStep

    Boys vs Girls Chat Thread!

    Hi it was suggested to me to make this Tread so I thought it to be a good Idea! So...On this place you MUST talk, follow BYC rules, you CAN be funny, be out ragous, and be who you are! Thank you Start On I Don't Care! WINDSTEP!
  3. WindStep

    Brody Hen+Little Chicks (HELP PLEASE)

    Hi there I just bought 3 Americana chicks from tractor supply and after two days my parents decided that running a light is too dangerous it could catch fire so now they will get too cold if they just set there wouldn't they? So I got to thinking and one of my Silkie hens is broody and I was...
  4. WindStep

    I Need Help About My Chicks

    Hello there my parents let me order chicks offline, but no one liked it and they are now bothering me about I should cancel my order and buy from Tractor Supply! Well I want every one to tell me what they think/would do. If I keep my order online... Pro... Have the colors/breeds I want Con...
  5. WindStep

    My Americana! Or Not?

    I have looked at lots of Americana pictures and have not yet found this Americana color that I have and I was wandering is this a Americana she lays green eggs, do you have this color, is this color rare, and what would this color be called?
  6. WindStep

    How Far Can You Count?

    Hello Back Yard Chickens, I under stand there is other games like this, but this is mine! OK this is how you play. Start at one and keep going up then every time I get on Back Yard Chickens I'll come on here and post Hi!!! or...
  7. WindStep

    Wyandottes Thread!

    Hi this is a thread were you can talk about Wyandottes post pictures of Wyandottes and ask about Wyandottes. To be on this thead you have to... Have this breed or have this breed pic posted on here or be getting this breed in 6 to 8 months. P.S. I am getting this breed Apirl 29!
  8. WindStep

    Building A Chicken Coop.

    Hello Back Yard Chickens, I have 20 Chickens and in April I'm hopefully getting 12 chicks and that is 32 chickens if I have done my math right. And I do not do free range I want a coop connected to a SAFE COOP RUN and I was wandering 2 things... 1. How much coop + run space would they need...
  9. WindStep

    Breeding Silk Bantams!

    Hello, Back Yard Chickens OK I am thinking on breeding silks, but I was wandering What are the pros and cons? What are the color genetics? What is some helpful hints on taking care of them...
  10. WindStep

    Tractor Supply Chicken Pins? (Need Imfo Before Saturday)

    Hello could any body help me decide on witch of these Tractor Supply Pins to pick because they all have some BAD revews and I was just wandering witch is the best. Also I would be keeping Silk Bantams in there so when you post can you say how many Silk Bantams that coop can hold? Also please...
  11. WindStep

    My New Chick Set Up!

    Hi on 04/29/14 I am getting Chicks! (I already have 20 Chickens) I thought I would be getting them in 3 days but, that did not work so I have already prepared for them and here it is. Also if you have any helpful how toos or hints please leave them below. This is the brooder with out...
  12. WindStep

    NatureWise Natural Poultry Feed?

    Hi I use Domor layer feed and I was just wandering about this NatureWise layer feed stuff like they say its the best, but is it does the chickens go crazy for it like do they like it? Does it really help them to lay? Would it be worth it to change my chickens to it? Does any one here use this...
  13. WindStep

    Chicken Has Deep Hole In Chest!

    Ok my chicken Safena Grace has a hole the size of a nickel in her chest and some times blood come out of it! What happened?
  14. WindStep

    And Yes I'm A Newbie!

    Hello my name is WindStep I have only be a member for a little while, but I love this sight there is lots of great people on here and lots of helpful facts! Also I love to talk so just private message me and if I am online I will get right back to you as soon as I can. More About Me... I have...
  15. WindStep

    What Breed Of Chicken Should I Get to Fit Me?

    Hello WindStep Here, Ok my parents are worried about ordering from Ideal poultry because they are worried they might bring diseases to my other 20 chickens and they have gotten me worried as well, but they said that if I really wanted chicks then I could have 12, but 6 would have to be...
  16. WindStep

    Ideal Poultry???

    Hello, WindStep Here I want to buy from Ideal Poultry and My parents are uncomfortable with me buying from a place so far away . They think that those chicks might bring deseses to my other 20 chickens and kill them. Well they have gotten me...
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