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  1. Taking Care Of Pekin Ducks

    Taking Care Of Pekin Ducks

    Hi everyone! If you happened to stumble upon this article then thanks! This article is about Pekin ducks and how to take care of them! Please have fun reading my short but informative article. Pekin ducks are the worlds most well known duck. They need lots of attention and care. A lot of...
  2. Duckbreeder2020

    Comment by 'Duckbreeder2020' in article 'Tips & Tricks of Raising Ducks ~ the Complete Essential Guide:'

    Awesome article! You did an amazing job! All the pics are amazing
  3. Duckbreeder2020

    Comment by 'Duckbreeder2020' in article 'Breeding For Sex-Linked Ducklings'

    If I’m correct... does this mean if I breed my Pekin drake... and my buff Orpington (ducks) hen I would get grey and white ducklings and they would be girls and others would be black and white and mostly boys?
  4. Duckbreeder2020

    Review by 'Duckbreeder2020' in article 'How To Set Up A Duckling Brooder'

    Awesome article, great set up ideas!
  5. Keeping A Mixed Flock!

    Keeping A Mixed Flock!

    Do you have a mixed flock of ducks and chickens? Are you planning to? You’ll need some tricks before you start. Having a mixed flock can be tricky at times. The difference in food, egg laying, sleeping can all be problems coming from someone who has a mixed flock! So here we go! Food Problem...
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