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  1. Jeevesrules

    Wobbly and lethargic 3 week polish chick?

    I have a broody hen with a Polish chick that is 3 weeks old, and when I let them out this morning it was fine. However, when i got home today at around 4pm, I let them out to wander and i noticed that the lil baby wasn't as keen to follow mum as usual. I assumed it was because of the sunny...
  2. Jeevesrules

    Broody Leghorn

    Wow! I have a Welsummer that is persistently broody! Weird!
  3. Jeevesrules

    Silkie thread!

    Hi Guys! I'm interested in breeding some different colours of silkies, but not the standard colours, but some other colours that are more interesting! What other colours can you get and how do you breed them? Thanks
  4. Jeevesrules

    is she broody again!?!? dang...

    I have a hen that does that! She even makes the cooing noise that they make when they're broody... and i go back an hour later and she's laid an egg! I'm not sure why they do it, but it might be the warmer weather and spring that is making them act weird. And she also might be getting ready to...
  5. Jeevesrules

    **How to tell if a hen is broody...**

    Try putting an egg near her and see if she tucks it under her! She probably won't do this if she isn't broody but she may.
  6. Jeevesrules

    Mail Order in Uk?

    Here's the contact details of a breeder that lives near inverness.
  7. Jeevesrules

    Mail Order in Uk?

    Whereabouts in the UK are you? There are loads of breeders around the UK selling just about any breed you want! has lots of adverts on it. Just put in your nearest town/city and search for the breed you want, and some adverts should come up. It depends on how rare to breed is.
  8. Jeevesrules

    I think it's a girl, but i'm not sure...

    Yeah that's what I thought but I wasn't sure because her comb is looking a little too big... I'll keep you guys posted on her/his progress :)
  9. Jeevesrules

    I think it's a girl, but i'm not sure...

    Breed: Lavender Araucana Sex: Female I think Age: 9 weeks approximately
  10. Is it a girl? I think so

    Is it a girl? I think so

  11. Jeevesrules

    Wild Ducks?

    So, I was wandering up to feed my chickens earlier, when I noticed there was two ducks on my pond, that look like the same type as the ones on the river nearby. I think there here to hatch chicks out, as there is a Male as well as a Female, and the female is eating... A LOT, and this makes me...
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  13. Jeevesrules

    Two not so great photos of potential roosters...NEW BETTER PHOTOS!

    No there isn't a way unfortunately :/do you know how to do it from a pc?
  14. Jeevesrules

    Partridge Silkie Rooster questions??

    Hes around the same as most of them, but one of those ones smaller than him is bullying him I'm hoping his instincts will take over and he'll take charge
  15. Jeevesrules

    Partridge Silkie Rooster questions??

    Ok, i bought a partridge silkie when he was 15 weeks old thinking he was a she... he is now an obvious boy but is yet to start crowing and mounting and doing rooster stuff! all he does is wander around at the bottom of the hierarchy, and gets a little bullied by one of the hens... will he ever...
  16. Jeevesrules

    What Happened to our chicks (Disappearing)

    The exact same thing is happening to me...
  17. Jeevesrules

    people with welsummers look please!

    I have a welsummer hen that has had two broods and recently adopted 5 chicks:D she I'd a frequent broody and it gets very frustrating I think she's an 'odd one out' though as I've heard that most Welles don't even sit, and when they do they rarely do it for long
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