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  1. keesmom

    Silkie cockerels - northeastern MA

    My son and I found 3 dumped silkie cockerels yesterday. We couldn't leave them to be eaten by the local wildlife so we brought them home. At first I thought they were black, but they look like they are more of a dark blue. They are well behaved, as we were able to walk up to them, pick them up...
  2. keesmom

    Kosher Kings vs Red Ranger males vs Freedom Ranger Color Yield

    I've raised Freedom Rangers in the past and have been happy with the results. Since then they have added new meat bird options. I was curious if anyone wanted to post their experiences with Kosher Kings, or Freedom Ranger's Red Ranger males or Color Yield hybrids.
  3. keesmom

    Freedom Ranger Kosher Kings

    So has anyone tried these? Are they any different from the red Rangers, in terms of temperament or maturity? Meyer also sells them as Grey Rangers. Any input on those?
  4. keesmom

    mixed breed pullet - MA

    Pretty mixed breed pullet (75% Faverolles, 25% EE) for sale. 16-18 weeks of age, about 25 mi NW of Boston. Will lay brown eggs like her mother. Unfortunately she does not have her mother's sweet temperament so she must go. I also have another mixed breed pullet available. Same parents, but...
  5. keesmom

    5 month old silver Phoenix and LF buff Cochin cockerels - MA (possibly NH/ME)

    I have 2 oops cockerels from McMurray hatchery. Both are 5 months old. Neither are human aggressive. The Phoenix crows but not excessively. The Cochin has just started crowing. He is very large and so far quite docile. I am in the suburbs NW of Boston, but could possibly deliver to coastal NH...
  6. keesmom

    Faverolles hens - MA (25 mi NW Boston)

    I have six 1 year old Faverolles hens available. $15 each, $60 for all. Delivery to coastal NH up to central Maine is possible. Available through July 17.
  7. keesmom

    free young Muscovy drake - Chelmsford MA

    I am posting this for a friend. She has a young Muscovy drake that was dumped at her farm. He is mostly white with grey wing and tail tips and light eyes. He has not been aggressive with her or her grandson. He even came waddling up to me looking for food. She is hoping to find a non-dinner home...
  8. keesmom

    4-5 month old Faverolles pullets- eastern MA

    I have 8-10 hatchery quality Faverolles pullets available. They are close to 5 months old. I got them as chicks to keep a singleton company. While they are not stellar examples of the breed (small, with some dark patches) they are definitely pullets with the typical Faverolles personality. Local...
  9. keesmom

    Freedom Ranger Black Broiler

    Has anyone tried these yet? I would be interested in hearing people's opinion of them and how they compare to CXs and the Red Rangers.
  10. keesmom

    LF Salmon Faverolles Pullets - MA

    I have several large fowl salmon Faverolles pullets available, ranging in age from 2 months old to 5 months old. $10 for the younger pullets, $15 for those close to laying. I'm located in the NW Boston suburbs. I often travel to central Maine, so delivery is possible in some areas of NH and ME...
  11. keesmom

    At what age do Khaki Campbell drakes mature?

    We've had chickens for years, and this spring we decided to try some ducks. We got 4 straight run Khaki Campbells from a local feed store. They are 7 weeks old now. As luck would have it 3 of them are drakes. I did order sexed assorted ducklings from Metzer , and they arrived last week...
  12. keesmom

    Marti's Poultry Farm

    Enough people had posted positively here about their Leghorn strain (Missouri super egg machine) so I bookmarked their page for ordering next year. Now I am unable to access their homepage. Are they still in business? Or is the site just down for the off season?
  13. keesmom

    yet another cockerel vs pullet ratio question

    Okay, so I know the hen determines the gender of the chicks. This year my LF hens gave me 3 cockerel chicks for every 1 pullet chick. Does this ratio remain constant throughout the hen's lifetime, or does it vary from year to year (or even season to season)?
  14. keesmom

    Coronation Sussex trio

    I have decided I need to downsize to just one breed. I will however miss my Sussex as they are people-friendly and non-aggressive. They lay large to XL eggs. These birds are the first generation offspring of my original Greenfire birds. Auction is for this roo and 2 typiest hens.
  15. keesmom

    Coronation Sussex flock - One rooster, 4 hens

    I need to make some space for a project, so I am selling half of my Coronations. One rooster and 4 hens, all 2010 hatch. The girls are laying fairly regularly now. The roo has some minor frostbite damage on the back of his comb. These are large, heavy birds so shipping isn't feasable for the...
  16. keesmom

    Sportsman 1502 pricing

    So who has the best prices on a Sportsman 1502? Anyone with a recommendation for an online seller? Also does anyone use the water reserve for humidity control, or is getting that wasting money?
  17. keesmom

    5 month old pair Coronation Sussex

    I have a 5 month old pair of Coronation Sussex for auction. I have a couple of extra roos I think are too nice to wind up as dinner, and a few extra pullets I can pair with them. I would prefer local pick up due to the heat over most of the country, but could hold them for later shipping with a...
  18. keesmom

    fair price for a pair of 3 month old Bourbon Reds?

    I have someone interested in a pair of my Bourbon Reds, but I have no idea what a fair price for them is. I know in this area day-week old MW poults were going for $10-12 earlier this spring. These guys are about 3 months old now. Here are a couple pics of them.
  19. keesmom

    Processors in NE MA/southern NH

    Are there any processors in northeastern MA or southern NH that will do small batches of birds? I have maybe 6-10 roos I would like to have processed, but I can't do it myself just yet. I'll have a larger group of roos and maybe pullets come fall, plus a turkey or 2 that will need to be done too.
  20. keesmom

    Genetics Question : lavender columbian x black = yellow chicks?

    I crossed my Coronation Sussex roo with 3 black faverolles hens. I hatched out the first F1s yesterday. Three of the chicks are black, like I expected, but 2 are yellow. One has a few black dots on it's head. Does this mean at least one of my black hens is recessive for wheaten? How will these...
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