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  1. Henny peeny

    scratch feed or crumbles

    Hi all I have not been on here for sometime things have been going good so far I had a few die and something got in and killed one of my chickens but since 2018 all is well. I am having trouble with my husband he thinks scratch feed is ok to feed all the time we did this before and the chickens...
  2. Henny peeny

    yoke are funny

    recently my hens or one of them have been laying odd yokes they are not fully forms the hens are more then 3 years old or more. the yokes seem to be all over the white of the egg it is like one big yoke. I had them one parinia but then I change to Dumor now before parinia they were on dumor so...
  3. Henny peeny

    which is easier

    I wonder is it easier to get full grown hens in to the flock or to have chicks you raised into it. I am thinking of getting chiks (after april2) but one of my husband's brothers has bought what is to be Black Giants I don't know if they are and regaurdless of what they are it don't matter but...
  4. Henny peeny

    Can look at the whole book on line. this would help a lot of people and maybe not have to go to the vet. Rhayden
  5. Henny peeny

    comb color pink

    I have a isa brown she is 2 years old, I notice yesterday her comb feel over and today she has a pink comb when you flip it over it is white nearest to her head, Her mouth is white not a bright pink or normal pink you may call it. and she is very very thin she has been on the slim sige all the...
  6. Henny peeny

    new rooster

    I bought a new rooster a week or two ago he is a thai they said I named him BEELZEBUB I like unusaul names for my critters this is not him but it is a picture that looks just like him he is to be true I think the word is. I am thinking of puting him in show to see how he does my brunehilda I...
  7. Henny peeny

    need some humor

    An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his advice on reviving her husband’s libido. ‘What about trying Viagra?’ asked the doctor. ‘Not a chance’, she said. ‘He won’t even take an aspirin.’ ‘Not a problem,’ replied the doctor. ‘Give him an ‘Irish Viagra’. It’s when you drop...
  8. Henny peeny

    Happy Valentines day

    Hope all of you on here have a wonderful day! Rhayden
  9. Henny peeny

    Ok how about country sayings???

    Anyione have some country sayings, my husband says quicker then a chicken on a june bug and Katie bolt the door only ones I can think of at this time I am sure there are many, I pick up thing from other countries to which of course I can't think of now. Rhayden
  10. Henny peeny

    trillion dollar coin

    ok folks someone enlighten me please I read somewhere on AOL news something about the Antichrist (AKA OBAMA) is to have a trillion dollar coin and this is to solve (SOLVE????) the deficit??? how can it and what backs this coin. I have tried to find more information on this but I can't seem to oh...
  11. Henny peeny

    Today is my birthday I am 53

    ever wonder where all the time goes. I don't feel 53 they say your mental age and chonilogival age never is the same. I feel about 20 but my body I am begining to think it thinks I am 80 HA HA HA my husband got me a engagement ring for my bithday I have one that looks like my mother's I am...
  12. Henny peeny

    can someone please help me with this about turkeys and chickens

    ok bare with me please I have thought about getting turkey but on anopther board they say Tom is able to sqoosh the hen Chicken so what of the female can they get a long with Chickens I had a giinea fowl female but she died of kindney failure I was told she had the small of ammonia and they...
  13. Henny peeny


    I am in the process of puting a trailer a brand spanking new 2012 trailer (MOBILE HOME) in on our land, But I feel I need to clue some in on if you never have did this.I have a trailer I am in now my and hubby and it has holes in the wall one from his daughter kicking it from the doors banging...
  14. Henny peeny

    need learn something

    OK anyone that has turkeys and chikens I need some help BEFORE I make another mistake. I have chickens 5 in a fairly large pen I want to get a tom Turkey a chicks or chicks I am hoping one of my hens will go broody next spring and I plane to leave her with eggs but at night I plan to put...
  15. Henny peeny

    stupid question(S)

    I have a chicken that was told was a orlof? orloft? well I am begining to think she is a easter egger I have one of these kind bare with me here, My chicklens lay brown eggs the one easter egger lay bluish eggs so we know for a fact one is a easteregger ok now this new one I got she is laying a...
  16. Henny peeny

    back from David's grave

    I went out the 10Th of Nov. to see David and to maker sure of his headstone it is fine but the rotten kids ( B'stards) took his flowers we had put there for him not sure who did it but it looked to me as when they put the head stone in that they broke the little cross it was ceramic it was nice...
  17. Henny peeny

    speedy chiken

    I was driving down the interstate in a rural area when a chicken passed me doing 65 mph. I sped up and passed the chicken. A few minutes later, the same bird passed me again; this time he was doing 75 mph. Startled, I floored the accelerator, got my car up to 85, and blew by the bird, for...
  18. Henny peeny

    My son's headstone is finjally done

    I am to go to PA for All Hallows Eve and I am going to see my son well the people doing the headstone yesterday said it is done and it will be installed this week so I maybbe able to see it in. Here it is My husband said My son would be very impressed I hope when I got see it he will be...
  19. Henny peeny

    chicken wearing glasses

    Bet you didn't kow this you might have to copy and paste the link or go to youtube and put in Chicken wearing glases I found this interesting. Rhayden
  20. Henny peeny

    sick guinea hen

    Today as I went to feed the mob I didn't see my little Guinea I open the door up to the coop and there she was I thought she had went broody but when I got close she walked away she doesn't walk away usually she frantically tries to get away from me as fast as she can and screaming POT RACK or a...
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