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  1. Charlene

    how old is too old to butcher?

    I butchered 6 month old Australops and they weren't tough at all. And they had been free range. I did rest them and freeze them though. I think the freeze/thaw cycle may make them a bit more tender. I did have trouble with multiple roos. I had 10 at first and they were out with 5 layers...
  2. Charlene

    Need solutions for raising meat birds

    Hmmm, I guess I should have put a door on my tractor. It's currently just a large rectangle, I lift it up and the top opens. But maybe I could figure out some way to get them and in out. That's an idea. As far as I remember the Cornish roos aren't interested in mating. Was that the case...
  3. Charlene

    Need solutions for raising meat birds

    I've raise three groups of meat birds so far. The first were Cornish crosses that I fed 12 hours a day. I let them live with the laying hens. They grew fast, I lost about 10% and they were kind stink and dirty, but otherwise I was satisfied. They would have been 6-7 lbs at 10 weeks but my...
  4. Charlene

    Flax seeds??

    Actually, there is a differnce between eating the flax seed yourself and feeding it to the chickens and then eating their eggs. Basically there are many kinds of Omega 3's. And the one that has is supposedly very beneficial to us is DHA and is not in flax seed but chickens are able to take...
  5. Charlene

    Heartbroken :( Something got 7 of my girls

    Ugh, that is terrible. I'm so sorry. I lost 19 to a dog attack, they didn't even kill them all, some were just hopelessly maimed. Vent all you want. We understand.
  6. Charlene

    True confession about my so-called "egg laying machines"...

    I'm 1st generation Chinese and my dad loves to tell the story about how the Europeans sold all these white egg laying chickens to the Chinese (who thought the white eggs were cool). And then the chickens promptly flew off into the hills. I'm assuming these were the predecessors of white...
  7. Charlene

    When did you start to wrinkle?

    If that's you in the pic, you are gorgeous! Don't worry about a few little lines. Some people here are 38 and saying they have no wrinkles. I say that just depends on how hard you are looking. I am asian and take good care of myself but yes I have some lines. It happens, it's life! If you...
  8. Charlene

    What do you do when you have too many eggs?

    I would say Food Bank too. I volunteer at one and eggs are one of the hot ticket items. However if yours won't take them that is a shame! Too many eggs. Huevos rancheros, Spanish tortilla, quiche, souffle, hard boiled, deviled. You probably do a lot of those though! My husband was anti-egg...
  9. Charlene

    Thanksgiving recipes!

    Cool. Thanks for the blog recipes. And let me know if that popcorn thing works!! Kinda funny. I usually do the high temp 2 hour turkey. I've found it to come out well. I also brine though, so not sure which is making the bird moist, and yet unwilling to experiment since it comes out good
  10. Charlene

    Thanksgiving recipes!

    We only have 6 people usually so the mac cheese, though I'd like to do, we can't do. But man, it would be good. And honestly we've swtiched the veg around from broccoli to asparagus to beans. A good veg recipe would be great. I'm considering 7 layer salad. Dessert has to be berry pie and...
  11. Charlene

    Thanksgiving recipes!

    I've been doing the same old Thanksgiving recipes for a long time. Turkey, stuffing with chestnuts, mashed potatos, sweet potatos (sticky sweet like my husband likes it) and cranberry sauce. Please share any of your favorite recipes! I'm looking for inspiration!
  12. Charlene

    Selling Turkeys for Thanksgiving

    I paid $5/lb last year for a heritage turkey (processed). This year, in my area, they are running closer to $6+/lb. Bay Area yuppie prices! It's too expensive for me now, am considering raising my own for next year. But even though I processed a chicken I'm not sure I can do a turkey.
  13. Charlene

    EGG EATING Ughhh

    I'd work on the roll away boxes if I were you. Have you noticed all the obese people? I don't think giving them a nutritional supplement would keep them from their favorite snack. I don't even think more of their favorite snack would keep them from their favorite snack.
  14. Charlene

    5 hens in 1/4 acre pen--how is the grass going to look? *update!*

    I think the general rule of thumb with horses is that one horse can be sustained by an acre of grass. Average horse 1000lbs. Even if the chickens eat like twice as much as a horse, 5-8 pound chickens is only equivalent to 5% of a horse, 1/4 acre sounds like plenty. They will dig up little...
  15. Charlene

    Is this a record for a Duck? 4 eggs today!!!!

    4 eggs! That's nuts. Poor duck I guess she was making up for lost time.
  16. Charlene

    How to fly with eggs????

    This is a typical example of how the rules are arbitrarily enforced, and how the TSA people dont' really have any imagination. And so terrorists could get stuff on board if they wanted to. They let me bring cans of salmon (like canned tuna) in my carry on. Come on guys! Wake up! Now I know...
  17. Charlene

    Raccoons and day time free rangers, should I worry?

    I know I have a mom raccon and some babies living under my deck. Beyond the backyard, my chickens live in my barn area. They are well locked up at night but I like to let them free range during the day. Can a raccoon hunt down and kill an adult chicken? Should I be keeping them in full time...
  18. Charlene

    Neighbor's dogs killed 16 of my chickens tonight.

    The thing is the fence is woven wire 2x4 on RR ties set in concrete. I think it's the gate that's a weak point but I had just reinforced it not too long ago. Argh. I found another little Dutch this morning. She's not mine but one I was raising for a friend, but it was still nice to find a...
  19. Charlene

    Neighbor's dogs killed 16 of my chickens tonight.

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate you concern and your stories. I'll do all I can to make sure the fence is good, but I am also willing to make the neighbors hurt to make them be responsible too. Most likely it will be by taking the dogs to the shelter if I ever see them on my property...
  20. Charlene

    Neighbor's dogs killed 16 of my chickens tonight.

    No fence and an aggressive pitbull? Are they trying to get someone killed? Insane! The neighbor just came by, all denials and fake apologies. He has now accused two people of lying who have no reason to lie to me. What a piece of work. At least he brought a check. I made him take the...
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