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    Newbie to the chicken scene from SC

    Welcome One of my hens began laying a couple of weeks ago too!
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    What treat did your chickies get today?

    Today was a very windy, rainy day so I gave my chickens some leftover mashed potatoes with beef stew on top. But some of their favorite things to eat are plain yogurt with fruit, and watermelon.
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    I am still new at raising chickens myself - but I recall reading that chickens with diarrhea should be given electrolytes (Gatorade or a similar drink). Hopefully you can find some helpful information on this site! Good luck to you and your chicken and that she gets well real soon
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    Hello from the desert!

    Welcome and enjoy your chickie babes
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    RIR Making a Racket...

    I read another thread with similar topic yesterday. One of the members said that making a loud racket was a good indication that their hen(s) were ready to begin egg laying soon. So, hopefully your RIR will be laying eggs in the near future
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    new member here :)

    Welcome! Sounds like you have a great animal-friendly place
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    Glen's Recovery thread.

    What a horrible tragedy! You can count on my prayers for this young man and his family. Any other prayer warriors out there, time to stop, drop and pray!
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    WHY is my chicken so LOUD!!?

    I'm glad to read this thread too! My hens usually become talkative when I come outside which seemed cute at first but lately my black Australorp is getting very loud and annoying. I hope the neighbours don't hear it and complain. But as Wildflower said, they get very loud right before they...
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    I need to be patient, but ... UPDATED: 3 (!!!!) Eggs on the First Day!

    The hen in your first pic looks very much like mine (good pic btw), who began laying turquoise eggs at 22 weeks. She's been laying about 6 eggs a week. My 3 other assorted slacker hens are about 24 weeks old now, and seem content to let Helen do all the work.
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    Hen Haven, Southern Style...Progress Pictures..Alterations...Additions

    Very nice work fireguy! If it gets too hot in Louisiana, I know of a chicken coop and run in the Pacific Northwest that needs an addition and some finishing touches. Summer hasn`t really started here yet - way too much rain, but it sure is green and pretty!
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    What color is your D.E.?

    Thanks MelissaHJ - that is very helpful! I feel much better (and wiser) now. This BYC forum is so helpful. While I enjoy researching stuff, it can get very time-consuming; I read one article which leads to another and then another, etc. So its great to be able to put a question out there...
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    Chick Pix

    Some of those chicks have nice markings - they are going to be beautiful! Your pictures are so clear too. We've been using my husbands i-phone for taking pics of the coop and birds, and they are not very good quality pics, especially compared to yours. I'm presuming you're using a camera...
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    New baby Silkies

    Those are good names. Good idea to have a couple of neutral "anyone" names in case one turns out to be a boy. We named ours Ginger and Mary-Anne (from Gilligan's Island). We are taking the chance that they are both girls. Coincidentally, we are watching Gilligan's Island right now! Its...
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    What color is your D.E.?

    Quote: Thank you for that - and also to everyone else who replied. You have calmed my newbie fears of making a (gasp) mistake BTW - that's an adorable Bichon in you're avatar. We have two Bichons too
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    New baby Silkies

    They are adorable! What are their names? We recently got two baby silkies too and are hanging with them right now. So cute!
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    New Baby Chicks

    I'm so sorry to hear of this - how very sad! I hope the rest will be healthy, happy little peeps
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    Oh boy im going to cry! :'(

    Those are beautiful birds! I'd buy them if I could, but unfortunately I can't I hope they get a good home
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    Meet Mary-Anne & Ginger!

    Mary-Anne & Ginger are our little white Silkie peeps - 5 weeks old.
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    New silkie chicks. So in love already!!

    They are beautiful! We just picked up two little white silkie chicks last weekend. They don't look like yours yet, but hopefully they will someday
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