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  1. bigzio

    Anniversary Badge

    I received a PM about my new 14 year anniversary badge....however my profile still remains at 13. Just letting you know. Thanks bigz
  2. bigzio

    Rooster Management

    While everyone's flock situation is different for all.... this is all about giving your bachelor pen some freedom from their constant confinement …. nothing is more fun than, either keeping your hens in for the day, or waiting until they go in later in the day, and giving the boys their freedom...
  3. bigzio

    Amazing yearly badges

    Way to go Nifty.....prolly told you this have the best web site I visit... glad to see the stellar effort here! :wee bigz
  4. bigzio

    8th Annual Cheeseheads Bash

    Once again time is approaching for the annual bash! Hope folks that attend most years can make the event, as well as any new faces that want to join in on the fun. It's a 3 day event, with the big day being Saturday with a pot luck around noonish, as well as a raffle and white elephant event...
  5. bigzio

    Nine Year Badges

    Nifty, how's it going? Just wondering if anyone is working on the nine year badge for worthy folks to display? Best Wishes ~ bigz
  6. bigzio

    Good Folks

    It's kinda sad that we all aren't in this for a fun thread....some folks ...don't know it all, or even close to it...although they appear to be a knowall....keep It fun's why the best breeders in the country don't play this child know it all games on here...Lighten up...You just might...
  7. bigzio

    Silver Autubon?

    Jim a friend of mine, was wondering if there is such a turkey breed? I never heard of one. The spelling could be wrong? I think it is prolly a blue slate....any help would be a blessing.... ~ bigzio
  8. bigzio

    Wisconsin "Cheeseheads"

    Glad you all found the forum. We have alot of good information here to share. Stay a while....this is the best place for local friends to meet and share all we know, and would want to ~ bigzio
  9. bigzio

    Mad City Chickens DVD Release

    Backyard Poultry Magazine has an short article on the new DVD ....Mad City Chickens documentary...three years in the making. Sometimes wacky, sometimes serious about folks who keep chickens in their urban backyards From experts to authors and a rescued landfill hen. To purchase the DVD...
  10. bigzio

    Neenah, Wi City Administrators Said What?

    Today in the Post Cresent Sunday Paper was a story about a family that had 4 hens and a rooster. With the neighbors complaints they successully lobbied to ban all roosters from the city. The owners of the flock had raised them from chicks, and received a letter from the city sanitarian that...
  11. bigzio

    This Ruffles My Feathers!

    Folks that think it is ok to drop off kittens in the country to fend for themselves. Tonight before dark, my wife went out to lock up the flock when she saw two prolly 6 week old kittens come running to her. She of course brought them in the house and gave them feed, water, and a dish of...
  12. bigzio

    Shawano County Fair

    Poultry judging is Sat morning Aug 30 starting at 9am, just in case anyone wants to go! bigzio
  13. bigzio

    Backyard Poultry New Issue

    I just love this magazine and think it is worth every penny I pay for the great information I receive every issue. One can learn something new no matter how long you have been raising poultry..... this issue is packed with great stuff that is fun to read and learn and get great ideas from...
  14. bigzio

    Proud Parent

    I'm really proud of my daughter who is a certified fire fighter from the group of fighters that left Keshena on the Menominee Indian reservation here in Wisconsin and is now fighting the fires in California. This is the first time she has ever been on a jet, and also the first time she has been...
  15. bigzio

    Smilies icon

    If I click on a smilies icon and it comes up spelled instead of displayed, what's up? bigzio
  16. bigzio

    Broody Moms

    I have my favorite hen going broody right now and would like to leave her set some more eggs, however I need to build some more housing for the additions to the flock. It just kills me to take the eggs from her the last few days. She is a proven great mom, and with fertile eggs how can I be...
  17. bigzio

    4-H Egg Cam

    Peeps are due to hatch today, looks like a pip to me. Thought this was worth sharing. bigzio
  18. bigzio

    Where is your location?

    Please take the time to at least add your state to your profile. When asking for help, or telling us something, it's really important you let us know what part of the country you are from. Some parts of the country have green grass right now, and some unfortunate folks like me have 0 degree...
  19. bigzio

    Longer Days

    Really glad to see the days slowly getting longer. Happy to change my timer in the hen house by .5 hours today. I'm sure the girls will enjoy even a half hour extra sleep. bigzio
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