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  1. itsasmallfarm

    today marks 76 years for D-Day

    just thought i would mention this, with all the crazy stuff going on lets not forget the ones who fought for our freedom.
  2. itsasmallfarm

    setting up hunting land? any ideas or tips? all welcomed.

    Hello everyone itsasmallfarm here. right now am thinking of ways and ideas to set up my family's land for better hunting. and need some ideas and tips. now i have google searched what other people do and it seems its all about white tail or turkeys. which is sort of helpful. but i don't have...
  3. itsasmallfarm

    off gird poultry?

    Hello everyone, i got a question to ask about raising chickens off gird with no power. okay right now my family is looking at getting some land, now it has no power, its really off gird lol. but am thinking of maybe raising some meat birds during the summer on it, so am wondering how would...
  4. itsasmallfarm

    ducks in the winter. how cold is too cold.

    hello everyone itsasmallfarm here. right now i have two ducks, they are in a heated coop (with chickens), and am tempted to move them out into my planned fruit orchard to control weeds, now i really don't want them with my chickens due germs and the moisture they create. my plan is to build...
  5. itsasmallfarm

    chicken can not open one eye.

    hello everyone, have two roosters which where fighting and now one can not open its eye. i am worried he might of damaged it pretty good, but not sure. is there any thing we can do to help him thanks. to note we tried to wash it out with water with no luck.
  6. itsasmallfarm

    sheep for milk?

    hello everyone. itsasmallfarm here. got a question for anyone who deals with sheep. right now am thinking about getting into sheep raising for meat, but after reading my sheep book and research online, found out about sheep's milk. read that there milk makes really good cheese. now am going...
  7. itsasmallfarm

    being more self sufficient from nature.

    hello everyone, sorry if a thread like this exists before. okay i know there are a few threads like this, mainly the prepping and homesteading threads. but wondering if anyone here likes to be more self sufficient from wild foods? (meat and plants) so i know a lot of people here raise there...
  8. itsasmallfarm

    raising mice to feed chickens? bad idea? okay its a bad idea.

    hello everyone, am thinking about maybe starting a small operation to raise mice for feeders/coyote lure and am wondering is there any way my chickens could not benefit from this. so would it be okay to feed chickens mice? i know they can eat them and mine love worms and bugs, but what about...
  9. itsasmallfarm

    pond/dugout stocking with fish?

    hello everyone, anyone here stock a pond with fish? this is my idea, right now i have two really good dug outs, on some of my family's farm. and thinking of maybe stocking them with trout for fun and food. there about 15-25 feet deep i was told, about half an acre each. then to stock them...
  10. itsasmallfarm

    great Pyrenees/kangal, any one with experiences (getting new dog)

    hello everyone. my family has decided we are getting a new dog, a livestock guarding dog to be exact, he is going to be a great Pyrenees kangal cross. so in about 3-4 weeks time we will be picking up this dog (or puppy to be exact he will be around 7-8 weeks old). now we really (in my life...
  11. itsasmallfarm

    a talk about DP/dog proof coon traps

    hello everyone. thought today i would talk a little about dog proof traps, because if your like me you have coons and you may or may not want to get rid of them. and traps may just be your best bet. (as night hunting them is illegal here and don't see many during the day) and to note this is...
  12. itsasmallfarm

    Getting goats any tips?

    Hello. Right now where getting goats in the near furture. And have read lots on them but know wondering if anyone here has any tips on raising them. Where getting 4 dwarf goats ( 3 does and 1 weather) for pets. Any tips on housing and care Thank you.
  13. itsasmallfarm

    sheep for weed control?

    hello everyone. where at the moment considering getting sheep for weed control (and they will become pets). so i guess i will explain the situation. okay as far as i know its about 6-7 acres of pasture we have at the moment that is fenced off for two horses (with 3 lines of barbed wire) its...
  14. itsasmallfarm

    free range weeder geese?

    hello everyone itsasmallfarm here. got a few question about geese or more over weeder and free range geese. 1. how good are geese at weeding pasture? okay we have like 5 acres of horse pasture that is full of weeds and plants that the horses just don't eat. been looking around at animals to...
  15. itsasmallfarm

    any paddlers here? (kayak/canoe tips and tricks)

    hello everyone itsasmallfarm here. just got a kayak for the first time (its a pelican odyssey 100x) sit in kayak. now i can't wait to get out on the water (as of the time of writing this i think there is like 2-3 feet of ice on the water) so does anyone have tip or tricks on using a kayak...
  16. itsasmallfarm

    alpacas/llamas for weed control?

    hello everyone itsasmallfarm here. and have a few questions. right now we have about 6-8 acres of pasture (or more weeds and bush then grass) with two horses on it. and we looking at animals that we could use for weed control and make pets out of. now i know goats and sheep seem to be the...
  17. itsasmallfarm

    making a profit on raising goats and sheep? (small scale)

    hello everyone, itsasmallfarm here. asking a few questions about goats and sheep. okay a little back story, i live on 21 acres, and am thinking about raising live stock for profit (small scale so not hundreds of animals) right now i raise chickens and ducks (there pets) but now would like to...
  18. itsasmallfarm

    anyone here love the great out doors?

    hello everyone, just wondering if anyone else here loves the great out doors? (sorry if this is in the wrong place) for me i love the outdoors, i just really enjoy nature and the things you can see. for me being out doors is always something to look forward to, weather am hunting or fishing and...
  19. itsasmallfarm

    sausage making/ smoking food/jerky making (recipes and tips)

    hello every one. i just gotta into making my own sausage and smoking meat (we just bought a smoker last week) and am looking for any tips or tricks and of course recipes. so i thought why not create a thread of us who love making our own sausage, jerky and meat smoking. so feel free to share...
  20. itsasmallfarm

    can you really make a living off of a small farm?

    hello everyone right now am considering going to start a small farm operation, and am wondering is it even possible or worth the time and money to start something like this. okay i will try to explain a bit about my idea. at the moment am 18 years old, and looking at career paths or more the...
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