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  1. Stellar

    Quail license?

    I would check your fishery and wildlife site for your state to see what permitting is required. I give you much kudos for starting out right.
  2. Stellar

    Roux Dilute/Egyptian Coturnix Quail Discussion Thread

    I started Breeding the Roux Dilute in 2010 and at that time they were a harder to get item. I do not call them Egyptian, just Roux. I have recently brought in new blood I am testing out to see if they can be added to my program however I am noticing some much lighter than what I generally raise...
  3. Stellar

    storing ertile eggs

    You can store fertile eggs for up to 7 days (under 6 days is preferred). If you rig a fridge you can store eggs for 2 weeks and viability stays up though. Without a cool area, expect hatch rate to go down at day 10 of collection.
  4. Stellar

    How should I wash my dirty quails? I know it sounds strange :(

    When you have white quail, it is inevidible they will get dusty. I would recommend to NOT wash them or get them wet. Just like the movie "Gremlins" you do not want to get them wet, why? you are exposing them to cooler temperatures and their body will not warm up as fast, thus you will chill...
  5. Stellar

    Coturnix Quail Male/Female Ratio?

    If you want a larger pen, how about go for 8F AND 2 M. that way you have less pens to worry about.
  6. Stellar

    all who are hatching quail

    Just set 500 coturnix and setting 1000 next week.
  7. Stellar

    New Male Button Quail Problem....

    The male likes to pick up things and court the female he wishes to mate with. I supply my cbbq with mealworms so the male can do his role. The female, if she accepts the invitation will cower and accept the gift. My males will pick up anything they find in their cage to suit their hen. This is...
  8. Stellar

    Coturnix Quail Male/Female Ratio?

    The ideal ratio is 1:4 but some birds do well in trios and pairs.
  9. Stellar

    Why not "Medicated" feed for quail?

    There were studies in the past in which medicated feed causes males to be sterile over long periods of time. We do not medicate here unless it is needed. If medicated feed is only offered in your area I would get it it (if it has the high protein content). If you can get an unmedicated feed I...
  10. Stellar

    Albino Japanese quail chick

    pretty neat!
  11. Stellar

    Freak with a beak! Is this bird albino?

    It's an Italian Coturnix.
  12. Stellar

    Eggs and Sunlight

    If you want your quail to lay, especially the Coturnix, you are going to have to add lighting to stimulate daylength for them. 14-16 hours is suitable.
  13. Stellar

    Help! Splayed legs!

    sadly with Coturnix, splayed legs usually do not have good results. I used to use little yogurt cups and put the chick in there so they could eat and drink without moving but never had a case of success.
  14. Stellar

    new to quail help with a couple questions :)

    1. Coturnix will need a sturdy pen than chicken and make sure to not house them with the chicken. I would wait until they are at least 4 weeks of age before letting them on the grass. Make sure they are in a pen that they cannot fly out or squeeze through. Around 2 weeks they can fly out and...
  15. Stellar

    Coturnix Quail Basics- Information and Pictures Galore

    The jumbo browns would be your best bet for large quail. We offer these in our line. Nice big dual purpose birds for eggs and meat.
  16. Stellar

    Hatching in eggbox

    We hatch in egg trays with the eggs upright and have amazing results. Make sure there is enough ventilation for the eggs to hatch. Egg cartons work too but again, make sure there are holes cut on the bottoms. I find that the styrofoam egg cartons work better than paper since the paper suck in...
  17. Stellar

    Question#3 out of 1,000,000

    We use the nipples for our quail as well.
  18. Stellar

    Pics of quail watering systems?

    We use nipple waterers hooked up to pvc and a bucket with float switch. I will take a pic for you. I have a section in my book on watering systems.
  19. Stellar

    Coturnix/Japenese quail good first poultry?

    Coturnix are wonderful first time birds but you do need to do some research as many mistakes can happen.
  20. Stellar

    Chinese painted quail/button quail really noisy at night

    Button quail shouldn't be outside. If he is calling he may be unhappy. Button quail are pair birds.
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