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  1. Sueby

    Ad issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with this one ad? It takes up the entire screen & I can't scroll past it. I don't see anywhere to report it to the ad people either. Any suggestions?
  2. Sueby

    Sex this BR

    Supposed to be 11-12 weeks Barred Rock pullet. It looks a little light to me for a pullet, but it has not even a bit of pink to the comb. Wouldn't a boy have some indication in the comb by now? It came from a backyard breeder who I don't have much faith in as 2 of the 4 birds were the wrong...
  3. Sueby

    Does this poop look normal?

    Sorry to just blast you with poop pics but I need to either set my mind at ease or fix it! I have 4, supposed to be, 11-12 week olds in quarantine & they just started roosting so I now get to see their poop. I'm thinking it's probably normal, but my big girls poop doesn't look like this...
  4. Sueby

    When to switch from chick grit to regular sized grit

    Afternoon all. I picked up some 6-7 week olds & I'm not sure if they can eat the regular grit or if I should get them chick grit. I didn't see ages on the bags. They do have access to outside & I have probably enough in the ground, but the ground will be freezing eventually so I like to...
  5. Sueby

    Another guess please!

    This one was supposed to be an Araucana & I was pretty sure that would never happen! Best guess on what she might be? (The one with the red head)
  6. Sueby

    Breed guess, please!

    She was supposed to be a BO & I'm certainly no expert but she doesn't look like one to me! She is supposed to be 9-10 weeks, she's pretty tiny. It's very gray out today so the pics are kind of blah.
  7. Sueby

    Maintenance dose of Calcium for shell-less egg layer?

    Hi all. I have a pullet that lays shell-less eggs (& struggles doing it). At the recommendation of @aart I tried the calcium citrate with vitamin D & it worked great, after a couple days she started laying normal hard shelled eggs daily & no more struggling. But as soon as I stop dosing her...
  8. Sueby

    Pullet laying soft shelled/no shell eggs every day, how long is too long?

    Hi there. I have a new pullet that has been laying soft shelled/no shelled eggs for 4 days in a row now, that I've seen. She looks like she's in pain, or at least not having a good time. I had a hen I had to put down for what I believe was a reproductive disorder & she acted the same way this...
  9. Sueby

    Do you let your chickens out in the cold rain?

    Just curious as it's getting colder out. I have a covered run that they don't seem smart enough to stay in on their own in the rain. I know in summer they have no issue getting soaking wet, but I'm thinking I need to keep them in the run during a cold, soaking rain. They get so annoyed when I...
  10. Sueby

    Any idea whats wring with my poor girl?

    She is eating, pooping & drinking, just seems to be in a daze, she barely moves, stands in the corner by herself. Her head is tucked & her tail feathers are down. She let me pick her up (which is odd in itself) & I felt around thinking maybe she is egg bound. I didnt feel an egg but her abdomen...
  11. Sueby

    Respiratory infection in flock, need advice

    Hi all. I have 4 red sex links that have been sneezing for a couple weeks. I gave them some Sav-A-Chick (along with plain water) & they seemed to be doing ok but last night they seemed to get much worse. They are all sneezing constantly & I can now hear them getting a little raspy. There is...
  12. Sueby

    Do you use nest mats/pads?

    I think I'd like to try one, hoping to eliminate shavings stuck to the eggs. What ones do you use? Ones made of natural material or plastic ones? Do the chickens like them or are they just gonna lay in a corner of the coop in the shavings anyway? Lol
  13. Sueby

    Help with my dog who wants to eat my chickens!

    He is a rescued rat terrier/terrier mix, normally well behaved but he cannot get over the chickens. It's like he can't even hear me when the chickens are near, all his manners & training go out the window. He barks obsessively & shakes like a maniac. He can't get to them so I'm not worried...
  14. Sueby

    Peanut butter poo!

    New pullets, haven't even had them a week & saw poop like this starting yesterday. Saw 2 more today. They all seem fine, eating, drinking & scratching around. They are still nervous & aren't fond of the dog barking. Could it just be nerves? New feed/different from what they had? I have thrown...
  15. Sueby

    New run & morning glories...

    Hi there. My dilemma is that I have an area that is already fenced in on 2 sides so it would be simple to fence in the other 2 sides & make a nice big spot for the chickens to access via a chunnel when I'm home. I had morning glories that I pulled last year after they went to seed & piled...
  16. Sueby

    Hi, I'm Sue!

    Hi there! New to this place & new to chickens. I've been doing some research for a month or so & obviously most google searches for anything chicken related bring me here so I decided to join. It seems like a great place, full of good info. I'm in CT, we just picked up 4 red sex link pullets...
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