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  1. Crestcrazy2

    R.I.P. Phantom, R.I.P. kiwi, lost but not forgotten.

    R.I.P. phantom, your were loved as long as you were with us, you could be sassy at times and a little grumpy, but you were always loved no matter what!( I obtained her from a close friend and don't know how old she was, she was, unfortunately, the host of large parasites that I did not know...
  2. Crestcrazy2

    ~~LIFE AFTER BERK ~~ httyd rp chat thread .

    Post your questions and comments on this thread and have fun rping !
  3. Crestcrazy2

    ~~~LIFE AFTER BERK ~~~ a httyd rp ( please join !)

    First rp ever so if I did anything wrong please tell me ! A) By participating in this game, I promise that all BYC Rules will be followed and that I have read and understood the Role Play Rules that are in a sticky at the top of the Games forum. B) I promise that all content is to be rated G...
  4. Crestcrazy2

    I might get a TARANTULA ! ( Tarantula thread !)

    Hey guys ! So I'm gonna try and convince my mom that bringing a giant, venomous , hairy , fanged arachnid into the house is a good idea !🙂 In this thread everyone can talk about there pet spiders and I'd love to see pics of yours 😉 also any other arachnids can be talked about ! It doesn't...
  5. Crestcrazy2

    I've been bitten ! 😱

    I was walking around my yard looking for a piece of bark to put in an aquarium and started running toward the wood pile , and of course I just had to be bare foot at the time, and I got bitten by a COPPERHEAD ! My mom blended up some plantain and applied it , but I just want to hear your opinion...
  6. Crestcrazy2

    Breeding toward quail egg colors?🤔

    Do you think it is possible ?!? So there's speckles eggs , blotchy eggs , celodon eggs and randoms , So if you were to breed quail that lay the majority of speckled eggs together after some generations would they lay only speckled ? Let me know if there's already a thread about this ! Thanks...
  7. Crestcrazy2

    Are silkies extra toes always broken?

    Hello all you crazy chicken people. My silkies extra two is broken or something ! Is this normal for silkies toes to be like this or no ? Thanks in advance. Josh
  8. Crestcrazy2


    Hello all . I have 21 quail eggs in the incubator ( fifteen of which are fertile) and one of them has the air cell at the wrong end It's kind of an odd shaped egg and I don't know if I had it the wrong way . My question is , should I flip it over to the right side or leave it ? It is day 10 as...
  9. Crestcrazy2

    Integrating question

    When there old enough you put the chicks in a cage (or like four for that many chicks) and lock them all in a coop for a day or two and then release them and let the pecking order establish , at least this is how I do it not sure about other people, good luck 😉👍
  10. Crestcrazy2

    Quail incubation tips ??

    Hello all !! I just received 21 quail( coturnix) eggs from a friend and I'm about to start incubation , I would love it if you guys could give me some pointers!! Here they are . Thanks in advance. Josh
  11. Crestcrazy2

    What breed is this pheasant??

    I saw this on Craigslist and wanted to know what breed it was, if anyone knows that would be very helpful . Thanks in advance. Josh
  12. Crestcrazy2

    Pheasant pen design ?!?!?!:)

    Hello all . I am thinking about getting three red golden pheasant chicks and and I need to come up with a pen design That will work for them , so ANY ideas are very welcome!!😁 I do have one idea but I want to hear Yours first . Also I have a couple questions , will A pair be ok , like if...
  13. Crestcrazy2

    Non_agressive quail ?

    Hello all. I am wondering if there is a type of quail that won't hurt each other During breeding season ????? I was thinking about trying some Different kinds of quail Because I only have two coturnix left and one Is injured pretty badly ☹️ . It's scalp is basically ripped off so I don't...
  14. Crestcrazy2

    Baby starling stuck in wall keep it or put it back in the nest ?

    a starling has been nesting in my houses wall for a while and today one of the starlings fell down inside of the wall and couldn't get out so I finally got it out but I was wondering if I should keep it or put it back in the nest I have a brooder with two week-old or so chicks which I could...
  15. Crestcrazy2

    Take a look at my Mosaic crosse's 😁👍

    First two pictures are a leghorn Mosaic cross, second two pictures are buff orp Mosaic Cross , then my brother holding both and the rest are the parents
  16. Crestcrazy2

    Look again at my silkies ( please ) 🙂

    Ok I know I already did this but the one you guys said looked like a roo has not changed and the other is most definitely a roo . Any second thoughts ? these are pictures of the same chick that I don't know the gender of .
  17. Crestcrazy2

    Integrating small hens and roos into existing flock

    I am about to integrate my chicks that are about 12 and a half weeks old, these are the breeds. 1 black sex link 1 rir 2 silkie bantams and 1 ee roo .( I think both silkies are male also) I was wondering if I should be worried about my rooster?, I let the RIR out today by him and he winged...
  18. Crestcrazy2

    Outside brooder ideas needed !

    if anyone could help me with finding some ideas for outside brooders that would be awesome because I don't want to raise chicks inside my my house because they make such a mess. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds
  19. Crestcrazy2

    Chicken egg hasn't zipped yet ☹️

    It's been like this since mother's day , it just sits there and hasn't done anything it's still alive and it chirps at me but I don't know what to do . Please help !
  20. Crestcrazy2

    It's hatching 🙂 or pipping

    Ok so I got home from church and went to check the incubator and there is a pip , I am soooooooo excited , this is my buff orpington mix egg , I can't wait
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