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  1. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'White Embden Geese'

    John, I didn't get a notification on your questions. I gather some of my goose eggs, but mark some to leave with the goose hens too. I use a marker or pencil to recognize and mark what eggs I left. Geese take at least 28 days to hatch, I leave the eggs a full 5 days longer. The reason some goose...
  2. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Cornish'

    This has to be a favorite of the heritage birds for me. Beautiful, compact and so calm. Good seasonal layers. The roosters are amazing. Calm, dedicated and a really great table bird too. They do take time to mature.. but good things are worth a wait. This is not a high end egg producer.. be...
  3. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'Cornish'

    I have only had heritage Dark Cornish, and the roosters are passive to me. I adore them, wonderful breed. I am a small person, 5 ft tall about 100 lbs. Never had a single aggression issue with them. The thing is, when a bird breed is mass produced, you get flaws that are not bred out. That's...
  4. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'Bielefelder'

    Mine originated from RBA/Greenfire and the owner had to rehome due to rezoning. Mine were rehomed here sometime in November I think, didn't remember to record it.
  5. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Bielefelder'

    I acquired a pair of these birds a few months ago, estimated age around 6 months. Calm, friendly demeanor and the cockerel is even more social than the pullet. I have kept them on 20% flock raiser and am pleased they are still growing larger. My pullet has begun laying, at about 8 months of age...
  6. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'Norwegian Jaerhon'

    Have added 4 hens, love this breed! Nice large white eggs.
  7. Bielefelder


    The Bielefelder is a relatively new breed, development beginning in the 1970’s by Gerd Roth in the area of Bielefeld, Germany, hence the breed's name. They were successful in creating a large fast maturing dual purpose breed with a kind calm temperament and excellent cold tolerance. The hens are...
  8. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Coturnix Quail'

    I raise coturnix for both eggs and meat. Easy to keep, non aggressive to people. Laws vary by state. For someone without a lot of room, its a great answer to fresh eggs! Really enjoyable birds, can be quite personable.
  9. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Norwegian Jaerhon'

    I have 2 roosters I took in and enjoy them very much. Lovely color pattern! Our flocks free range all day, and they are very inexpensive to keep compared to other breeds. They socialize with my leghorns well, and have helped those hens become more friendly with us. I would love to add hens of...
  10. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'Little Giant Still Air Incubator 9200'

    Sure can! I have 20+ in there right now :-)
  11. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Little Giant - 7200 Circulated Air Fan Kit'

    Got 2 LGs with these fans, turners, candlers for $107 each. Recently bought the 3rd LG "plain" - no add ons. I still intend to purchase or build a cabinet incubator, but couldn't pass up the sale prices. I use the 3rd LG to hatch, the other 2 with fans to incubate. Working out great, and I am...
  12. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'Little Giant Still Air Incubator 9200'

    We are off to a fast start this year, and my DH insisted I get 2 of these. After chatting to a lot of hatchaholics, this bator fit my immediate needs. I have both chock full, one of various breed chicken eggs, the second with geese eggs. I am hand turning the geese eggs but intend to buy the...
  13. Chaneys Ranch

    Comment by 'Chaneys Ranch' in item 'Muscovy'

    Thanks, great review! I have 4 my daughter wanted as "pets", turns out 3 hen, one drake! They are fully grown, but standoffish unless theres FOOD. all 3 hens do fly well, the drakes too heavy. Looking forward to all the ducklings and a new food source!
  14. Chaneys Ranch

    Review by '' on item 'White Embden Geese'

    Beautiful eyes, and pristine white feathers. They are very clean as far as grooming. I have been around geese for 30 years. My Dad loves them, and Grandma wouldn't thought of being without one. You must love on them, and bond with them like a dog or cat. Oh they will play with a wiffle ball too...
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