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  1. Chaneys Ranch

    Indiana BYCers chickenfest 2015

    OK am going to do it...Guys lets start to plan for this now! I will have the campground available. BUT want to aim for a more central location for everyone! Please keep this thread separate from our main Indiana BYCers thread. This is for all of us that want to meet, swap, gab, have fun and...
  2. Chaneys Ranch

    Where do i put us?

    Us Indiana BYC'ers are trying to follow the advice given to have a posting area that can be updated with contributors. here's the info... I replied...OK, I will hop over and figure out how to set it up. I can keep a hardcopy of the lists we want to share, and use that to do the updates. Can we...
  3. Chaneys Ranch


    HOOSIERS! UNITE!! There are actually 2 older threads for Indiana. Lets get together and make this one active for all of our benefit! After a few confusing months of trying to contact someone to get on Indiana's thread, I've since found out The OP's just aren't active anymore. This is for those...
  4. Chaneys Ranch

    What's your strangest "barnyard buddies" pair?

    Anyone else have 2 completely different livestock species become best buddies? I know, there's some serious things to be concerned about including parasites, disease transmission... we dont sell/gift our eggs, meat etc. Well aware of these risks and am installing secondary pigpen fencing to...
  5. Chaneys Ranch

    Hello From Indiana!

    I have been a Hoosier all my life. I raised leghorns several years ago in the early 80s. Knew little about it, but my sweet girls always gave fresh eggs. My girls all passed of old age, i never had the heart to do anything with them most lived about 10 years or so.. Found your site a month ago...
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