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  1. learycow

    They are black and blue ancona spotted call ducks :)

    They are black and blue ancona spotted call ducks :)
  2. learycow

    ISO female muscovy duckling NJ

    I have a juvenile female lavender ripple and can ship.
  3. learycow

    List of Silkie Breeders

    Hi Sorry, I ended up selling off my remaining silkie flock last summer so now only breed waterfowl
  4. learycow

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  5. learycow

    What are we?

    Looks like a chocolate ancona and a blue mixed breed. But unless you know parents, you can't consider them to be pure as mixed breeds can come out spotted like anconas. But that doesn't make them true ancona ducks
  6. learycow

    muscovy or not...

    Not a muscovy. It could be a mule (muscovy mix) but definitely not a pure muscovy based on the coloring and shape of the body/stance
  7. learycow

    What color is this muscovy?

    What color parents and pics of the whole bird? It is a barred. Looks like a buff or possible cream but parentage can help figure that out
  8. learycow

    How to curb aggressive behavior in Muscovy drake?

    Getting him some muscovy buddies may help, but aggression is not a behavior you can just stop. It also tends to be genetic so I would NOT recommend breeding him.
  9. learycow

    Call Ducks, Muscovy, Geese

    No babies this time of the year, only juveniles
  10. learycow

    Need a female duck

    I have some in Maine
  11. learycow

    Call Ducks, Muscovy, Geese

    The silkie ducks are sold but I have calls still available
  12. learycow

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  13. learycow

    What breed?

    When they are moved it does cause stress. So if they were laying eggs, you may see a break in production. But it doesn't make them stop laying for good!
  14. learycow

    What breed?

    It is possible but not common for anconas to be marked that way. Unless you know the parents and the parents are pure anconas, you should consider them mixed breeds
  15. learycow

    Looking for ducklings

    Send me a message on facebook or email. I may be able to do that!
  16. learycow

    Muscovy ducklings with white down

    Snowy down genes. It's recessive and only shows in ducklings. The white will feather out white the same as the yellow ducklings. It's a very fun gene to have in your flock! I've produced them in muscovy, calls and anconas!
  17. learycow

    Duck bloodline/lineage

    It's pretty easy to start your own bloodline. Even if you purchase from someone else, once you decide who to mate together, those offspring are F1 of your own lineage. So say duck A is from Breeder A. Duck B is from breeder B. You put these two in a pen together. All babies are the first...
  18. learycow

    What Are The Cons Of Having Not Enough Space?

    Ducks don't usually pick on each other like chickens, but if crowded they will pile on top of each other. This can cause balding, lameness, skin abrasions, etc. As mentioned above, they will get mess VERY quickly if they are crowded. So need to be cleaned out far more often to avoid ammonia...
  19. learycow

    Looking for ducklings

    Hi Al's Quackery - we are in southern Maine and can ship if your zip code shows as 1 day express. I have muscovy and a few anconas ready to ship next week. 6 minimum to ship new babies I also have some muscovy in the 3-6 weeks range that are sexed pairs and trios that can be shipped as pairs or...
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