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  1. 007Sean

    Awesome surprise!

    While feeding this afternoon, I saw 6 chicks and the male guarding them...he was showing them off to the neighboring pheasants! :D there's a gap between the two pens...the pheasants don't bother the quail. Anyway, I didn't know they had a nest...after the first nest was destroyed by a snake...
  2. 007Sean

    Beautiful peafowl

    Just thought I'd post this pic that a friend sent to me. Any thoughts on what the parent birds were to get this beautiful specimen?
  3. 007Sean

    Lockdown or Just a Continuance of Hatching

    Here's an article I found on whether to refer to the last 3 days of the incubation process as "lockdown" or "hatching" and to whether lockdown should be eliminated from poultry jargon and dictionaries. Personally, I have never liked that term to explain a part of the incubation process, it's...
  4. 007Sean

    Iduma bird and animal auction

    Iduma Bird and Animal Just a quick reminder about our next sale this Sunday, October 14th at 10:00 a.m. Cooler weather has arrived!!!!!. We have been promised 9 sets of nice white bobwhites and 9 sets of some exceptional lady amherst, as well as laying hens and a plethora of other birds and...
  5. 007Sean

    Iduma Small Bird and Animal Sale

    Iduma Small Bird and Animal Sale This is a great sale/auction. Have been there many times. Just a quick reminder about our next sale this Sunday, May 13th at 10:00 a.m. First of all... Happy Early Mother's Day!!!!! Looking forward to another great sale. We have a lot of laying hens/pullets...
  6. 007Sean

    Understanding Pet Cancer

    A dear friend, who is also a member here, @bdfive sent me this link. Like her, I'm in no way connected with this video or trying to promote the videos, books, etc. Just thought I'd post the link and let everyone make their on decisions, opinions, of these series of free videos...
  7. 007Sean

    Johnston Island squid pics and video

    @N F C and @drumstick diva as promised, I found a few pics and 1 of the squid taken on a night dive. Base Commanders House, Air Field Welcome sign, and a few pics of trigger fish, surgeon fish and convict fish on the near shore lagoon reef. And a pic of some dummie ;) that just had to go to...
  8. 007Sean

    Zombie threads

    I'm curious if something can be done about the plethora of zombie threads that have occurred of late? Some post approaching 10 years have been resurrected by newbies or lurkers that read a thread, sign up just to respond to said thread not realizing the OP hasn't been active in months and in...
  9. 007Sean

    Iduma Small Bird & Animal Auction

    This is a really great auction in the Central Texas region, Killeen, Texas Just a quick reminder about our next sale this Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. Looking forward to another great sale. We have 20 big white turkeys coming as well as a good selection of peafowl. As usual we...
  10. 007Sean

    Are you my momma?

    So ugly, It's cute! I think there's some weird breeding happening here.
  11. 007Sean


    The new members section of the forum is getting spamed, it's in Chinese.
  12. 007Sean

    Emojis missing

    Is it just me or are there others that don't have any emojis? Just tried to post and they are missing? Added: avatars also not showing up?
  13. 007Sean

    What is this?

    I know it's a crane or egret but does anyone know what species and country of orgin? Would love to have these!
  14. 007Sean

    Ugliest/Prettiest Ever

    I don't know but one looks like a dinosaur the other a painting. These aren't my birds...just found them on Pinterest.
  15. 007Sean

    Egg hatching spray? Does it work or snake oil?

    I was just curious, if anyone has bought and tried the egg hatching spray thats on eBay. I don't believe their claims, I think it's just the old snake oil salesman baloney. If anyones brave enough to admit they bought and tried it, I'd like to hear what the results were, good, bad or...
  16. 007Sean

    Bagels and eggs, anyone

    This is a good reason NOT to order eggs online. Imagine my surprise :ep when opening the package to this scene. I usually don't order eggs from online sources but I have been unable to find any birds in my area. Don't want to have the birds shipped either, so I got some Elliot eggs on an auction...
  17. 007Sean

    1st egg of the season

    The crazy weather we have here in South Central Texas. Only 2 days of freezing weather, so far this winter (17 deg.) Anyway, while feeding my birds this afternoon, I find a single ringed neck pheasant egg in their pen. Of course it isn't fertile, they haven't even started to display. Although...
  18. 007Sean

    Anyone have pheasants laying eggs now?

    Hi, everyone. I'm nrw here but have been lurking a long time. My question is....does anybody have pheasants laying now. I live in South Central Texas. Last year i had two black melanistic pheasants start laying in November and just quit this September. I now have some Idaho ringnecks starting to...
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