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  1. ariri30


    Congratulations 🎉🎊 🥚
  2. ariri30

    Are they boys or girls?

    Usually the rusty color on wings indicate boys. Im not saying the one with that color is 💯 a boy but it’s possible The other ones are all too far to really tell any thing
  3. ariri30

    Breed and behavior question.

    Agree on breeds
  4. ariri30

    Silver Deathlayer Gender?

    That’s an handsome boy!
  5. ariri30

    First eggs! So eggciting! (sorry)

    Beautiful! My daughter did at the beginning and now she comes every other weekend getting eggs. It will fade away and then you’ll enjoy them 😍
  6. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    Mom and dad the naked neck is mom
  7. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    Here it is 🥰
  8. ariri30

    Still looking for confirmation please?

    Wait for a more experience opinion but at 12 weeks that’s a lot of red wattles and comb
  9. ariri30

    Still looking for confirmation please?

    How old? The blue one is a cockerel. The silver and gold might be too and the australorp as well
  10. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    One of the naked neck hatched :clap :woot It won’t be another NN it has feathers even on its feet! 😂 I guess it took the silkie side yayy Once it’s all dry up I’ll take a picture
  11. ariri30

    Are these Roosters

    No doubt
  12. ariri30

    Can chickens molt this time of year?

    My oegb is pretty much naked. That poor little thing look so sad and it’s cold out there. I’m giving her some mealworms to bust her protein and promote feathers growing faster. She stated crowing again. When she’s stressed out she crows. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s getting better at it 😅
  13. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    Just checked on the blue peeping egg and it died. One of the showgirl is peeped so I hope she ends up with at least one baby. It’s going to break my heart if she doesn’t get at least one
  14. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    I’m not sure. Someone gave her to me and told me she’s three years old and she never went broody and with my luck that’s the first thing she did of all time in the winter. I’ll post pictures if they hatch. This is going to be interesting Your babies are gorgeous btw 🥰😍
  15. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    I just checked my broody with the three eggs and the blue egg is screaming let me out. I’m really hoping that the egg from the show girl will hatch. What will I get from a show girl and a EE rooster? I guess I’m going to find out soon I hope 🤞🏾
  16. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    My hen started sitting on the 9th too. Yayy
  17. ariri30

    DECEMBER Hatch-A-Long!😊

    Best 30 seconds of my life
  18. ariri30

    🍃August Hatch-a-Long🍃

  19. ariri30

    🍃August Hatch-a-Long🍃

    My August hatch were 5 cockerel out of five hatched. Four went to freezer camp
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