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    17lb cornish X for thanksgiving dinner

    yes! he was definitely not as active as our dual-purpose birds, but he was out walking and scratching with the flock up until the day before processing. we only offered food 12 hrs during the day and believe that had a big effect on keeping him healthy. here's a short video from about 17 weeks...
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    17lb cornish X for thanksgiving dinner

    hello all, I wanted to share the chicken we roasted for thanksgiving this year! we raised cornish x under a broody this summer and she taught them to forage, run around etc just like normal chickens... anyway we were able to keep one healthy to 23 lbs at 20 weeks! he processed out at 17lbs and...
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    Lethargic, Hiding Australorp

    we got the preliminary results from the lab today — they still have a few more tests to run, but the vet diagnosed egg yolk peritonitis, with signs of infection in her lungs and air sacs, as the cause of death. from what i've read its pretty common in heavy breeds, and there's not much we could...
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