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    No eggs from my chicken in 9 days, should I be concerned?

    Ah, good point. Usually if I give them a snack after sunset they are just beginning to settle in the coop. Any later and they don’t get it. I usually give them a little scratch in the evening. They do have access to their feed all day. Their feed is located at the bottom of their coop. Thanks.
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    No eggs from my chicken in 9 days, should I be concerned?

    Ok, Thanks. I’ll hope that’s the reason. 😃
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    No eggs from my chicken in 9 days, should I be concerned?

    Sometimes when I get home after sunset I’ll put a bright light on in their run so they can have their evening snack. I leave it on for about an hour, but it’s not every night. I don’t have an electric outlet near their coop so I can’t really leave a light on for very long. The one I have is...
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    No eggs from my chicken in 9 days, should I be concerned?

    Hi, I am fairly new to raising chickens. I try to keep track of who is laying everyday. I’m pretty sure one of my hens hasn’t laid an egg in about 9 days. I looked up information on being egg bound and that doesn’t seem to be the case with her. We got her Easter weekend so she is around 9...
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    Do you feed your roos layer feed?

    Thanks for the information. I have 6 hens and 1 rooster. They are currently about 8-9 months old. I have been feeding all of them the layer food since they were 6 months. Wouldn’t you know I just bought another 50 lb bag of it today! I’ll get the All Flock feed for next time.
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    Poultry Show- win PRIZES!

    I just saw your post for the contest. The end date for the photos is that November 20 or December 20. Today is Nov 21 so if November I’m sorry I missed out. Tuanks
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    What’s wrong with these feathers

    We got her in mid March so she is about 7 1/2 months now. She went through a big molt this Summer and started laying eggs in early October. Yes I have a rooster. I was wondering if the rooster mounting her could be causing damage to her feathers. However none of the other hens have this.
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    What’s wrong with these feathers

    I recently noticed that one of my Ameracauna hens has more fluff than feather on some of her feathers on her back as I wonder if I should be concerned. I do have rooster but none of my other hens seem to have this problem. Please help. I will post some pictures. Thanks
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    Chicks won’t use new roost

    My 7 chickens seemed crowded in their current coop so I bought another coop the exact same model, cut out the backs of both coops and placed them back to back. The roosts are the same height in both sections. I’ve had the new coop in place now about2 weeks but no one uses the new roosts. They...
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    When will my EE lay?

    I have 5 Ameracauna chickens they are 23 weeks right now. Two have started to lay eggs, though not everyday. My question is the eggs are small. Will the eggs get bigger Once my chicks are older? I have pics attached of two of the eggs. Thanks.
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    Rooster of the week!

    This is my Salmon Favorelle Sam(‘short for Salmonella). He is 19. Weeks old in this picture.
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    What are the eggs supposed to be like the First Few Days/Weeks of Egg Laying?

    I just found two eggs today. One is blue the other brown. The blue egg was in the nesting box and the other in the run in front of the coop. I don’t know who laid them. Is there a way to know who lays which eggs? I have 5 Ameracauna hens they are about 23 weeks, and one Buff Orpington (she...
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    2021 BYC Calendar - We Need Your Pictures!

    These are my girls - Ameraucanas at 14 weeks. This is my Salmon Favorelle rooster at 15 weeks.
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    How do I make my chicken like me?

    when you hold them place a hand over their backs. This feels like their mothers wing and makes them feel safe. Gently scratch them Uber their necks and breasts- they like that. Offer them treats. Ours love mealworms. Grapes, dandelion leaves, watermelon, etc. they adore my daughter (she has...
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    Apple Cidah Vinegah

    Recommend 3 Tbs Apple cider vinegar with the mother per gallon of water.
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    Flies in my chicken run.

    I noticed today that there are a lot of flies in our chicken run. We have only had our chickens in the run for about 5 weeks. We are using pine shavings over hard packed ground. I saw in the herb and weed article that mint is helpful to eliminate flies. I don’t currently grow any mint in my...
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    Comment by 'Aleta' in article 'Using Sand In Your Chicken Coop'

    We live in Texas with very hot Summers. I was wondering if there is a concern for the sand burning the chickens feet? I know when I go to the beach in the Summer it burns my feet. I have a small run with a chicken coop(130 sq feet run) and 7 chickens- currently 8 weeks old. Our back yard is...
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    Advice on what to use on floor of run.

    Hi, I am new to raising chickens. Our girls are now about 5 weeks old and we are gettting ready to put them outside soon. I bought a commercial coop with a small run under it. we plan to put concrete paving stones under the coop to help prevent the wood from rotting. We are in the process of...
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    I am in Austin. Brand new to the backyard chicken project. I have 5 3 day old Ameraucanas along with 2 cats, a 17 y/o vcorgi/ chow mix, a 15 y/o chihuahua and Pomeranian. Looking forward to getting some good advice from people who have been raising chickens for awhile. Does any one know if...
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    Need Advice on commercial coops.

    Hi, I am new to raising chickens. I just got 5 Americana chicks. I live in an urban area with a small backyard. I want a coop with a run large enough for my 5 chicks. I have read the square footage requirements per chicken. Looking at all the online commercial coops is overwhelming and...
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