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    Oyster shell and grit

    What a fabulous forum!🙂 So after reading some posts I take it that it is best to put os and grit in different containers and not mix with their pellets. My hens are almost 7 weeks old. I have 3 Azure, 3 BSL, 3 red X and 1 Barred Rock rooster. I haven't let them outside yet as I have no run and...
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    At what age do chickens start to roost? My almost 7 week olds still cluster in a corner on the ground together even though there are roosts available.
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    So glad i found this forum!

    It's been years since I have had chickens. I resurrected our old chicken coop in anticipation of chickens. Kind of wanted ready to lay hens but Freys was sold out. Apparently with covid-19 everyone and their neighbors are doing chickens this year! I work at horse jumping shows in Ontario Canada...
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