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    No eggs from my chicken in 9 days, should I be concerned?

    Hi, I am fairly new to raising chickens. I try to keep track of who is laying everyday. I’m pretty sure one of my hens hasn’t laid an egg in about 9 days. I looked up information on being egg bound and that doesn’t seem to be the case with her. We got her Easter weekend so she is around 9...
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    What’s wrong with these feathers

    I recently noticed that one of my Ameracauna hens has more fluff than feather on some of her feathers on her back as I wonder if I should be concerned. I do have rooster but none of my other hens seem to have this problem. Please help. I will post some pictures. Thanks
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    Flies in my chicken run.

    I noticed today that there are a lot of flies in our chicken run. We have only had our chickens in the run for about 5 weeks. We are using pine shavings over hard packed ground. I saw in the herb and weed article that mint is helpful to eliminate flies. I don’t currently grow any mint in my...
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    Advice on what to use on floor of run.

    Hi, I am new to raising chickens. Our girls are now about 5 weeks old and we are gettting ready to put them outside soon. I bought a commercial coop with a small run under it. we plan to put concrete paving stones under the coop to help prevent the wood from rotting. We are in the process of...
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    Need Advice on commercial coops.

    Hi, I am new to raising chickens. I just got 5 Americana chicks. I live in an urban area with a small backyard. I want a coop with a run large enough for my 5 chicks. I have read the square footage requirements per chicken. Looking at all the online commercial coops is overwhelming and...
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    New member introduction

    Hi, I live in the Austin area and am very new to raising chickens. I had read a number of artivles on the benefits of chicken raising in the urban area and thought we would try it. We just brought home our first flock of 5 1 day old chicks yesterday- Americana. Currently they are living in a...
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