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    New Chickens Being Bullied. Bad?

    I just got 3 6 month-old chickens and added them to my almost year-old flock of 4. They are all the same breed (Red Sex Link). It's only been a few hours but they've been fighting. All of the old chickens chase around and peck the new ones. I try to scatter feed around the run so that they still...
  2. J

    Chicken Stopped Sleeping on Perch. Why?

    Hey there, I have a pretty self-explanatory dilemma: My chicken, who seems perfectly healthy, eats/drinks, and I've never seen bullied, has stopped going on the perch to sleep at night. I have 4 hens and just made them a new coop. They all slept on the perch the first few days and all seemed...
  3. J

    My Chicken hasn't started to lay...

    Hey guys, I got 4 new chickens in late June (I think) and the seller said that he got them as chicks during Chick Days (the one in spring.) He said that he thought one may have started to lay already. They all looked very healthy except for one, who was healthy 90% of the time but sometimes just...
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    Is My Chicken Blind?

    Hey folks, I have already posted some threads about my chicken but now my question is this; If my chickens' eyes are cloudy and I knew that she was at least temporarily blind, is there still hope that she will get her vision back with the right nutrients?
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    Chicken Head Trauma

    Does anyone know if chickens can recover from head trauma that led to blindness?
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    Sick Chicken

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting a thread so I hope I'm doing this right... About 3 days ago, my coop was raided by some sort of animal, probably a cat. It took 2 of my chickens and left 1 in pretty bad shape. She isn't in bad shape as in losing all her feathers or scratches everywhere...
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