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  1. eryan7

    Injury care question!

    Today we found one of my ladies with what looks to be a portion of her scalp missing. The bleeding has stopped but I don’t wanna mess with it too much because I’m sure it was very traumatic. We have moved her into our sunroom near a space heater because it’s quite cold out. We were advised by...
  2. eryan7

    Egg storage

    I typically store my eggs in a basket on the counter, never refrigerating. I bring them directly in from the coop in the summer. My question is, during the winter, sometimes the eggs are really cold when I bring them in. Cold as a refrigerator. Is it OK to then store them on the counter if...
  3. eryan7

    Rooster Safety

    I am new to keeping chickens especially Roosters. We unexpectedly have a rooster with 6 hens. They are all 5 months old and were raised together. Recently our rooster jumped up and scratched my little one (almost 3 years old) on the arm and he also scratched my oldest, 4 1/2 years old...
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