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  1. tamberchick

    Sick hen / whats wrong!!

    I have hen, who's close to laying age. Recently she quit eating, and is only eating a little bit. She doesn't drink much either. At first I thought it was sour or impacted crop, but now since four of my seven are laying, it could be egg bound. How do I know? when I get home I plan on checking...
  2. tamberchick

    Baby Sparrow

    I found a baby sparrow under a bush in my backyard. I've fed him some Grandma Z's dog food, along with some of my chicken grower feed, and some baby food. Today I went and got some mealworms, and baby bird hand feeding formula. Does this sound like a good diet?
  3. tamberchick

    What happened to her?

    I had a RIR chick, we got from a feed store. She was two weeks old, and since yesterday was lethargic, but still eating and drinking. I started giving her sugar water, and had her bear the heat lamp, which helped. This morning she was in the far corner of the brood box. I took her out, moves her...
  4. tamberchick

    Chick Enrichment / Entertainment

    I have two chicks indoors that are in an old guinea pig cage. They have their heatlamp, feeder, and watered, and a wooden perch they do not use. Any tips on entertainment or enrichment for them? They just seem so bored :/
  5. tamberchick

    Cannot upload images on mobile?

    I can click on the image upload sign, I can pick an image, but it never shows up. I use a Nokia Microsoft Phone. It wont even let me on the desktop version. Any help on this?
  6. tamberchick

    My chicken Adventure!

    Last year I started chickens, catching them from my neighbors feral hens they had let loose. I did a little research, and fed them chick starter, and then just sold them. I wasn't allowed to keep any, but this year, I decided that I wanted to start selling eggs! I went to my local feed store...
  7. tamberchick

    Malnourished Chick :(

    About a week ago, a chick was found at my local river. He hasn't grown in the week we got him, and today we took him to a local zamzows, where the manager keeps chickens himself. We had him look at our little mystery chick, and he told us he hasn't grown because he is extremely malnourished. He...
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