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    Guinea Treats

    We have 13 chickens (hens), and 5 Male Guineas. 4 all came together as chicks, and the one clearly in charge is an older male. We have them in a coop separate from the chickens, and I am wondering what I can give them as a treat to entice them into the coop quickly at night. The chickens jump...
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    dead chickens returned

    This is very strange. Something got into our chickens in their outdoor run in broad daylight yesterday. 1 girl dead in the yard, 3 more missing, and piles of feathers here and there. This morning I go out to check the remaining ladies in the coop, and there a 2 mostly eaten but with heads...
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    Sudden Death

    Yesterday we found one of our female Guinea Hens dead in their cage, today another is listless and has diarrhea. It has been very hot and humid, but not sure what else could be wrong.
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    soft shell eggs

    although our chickens get plenty of Oyster Shells, occassionally they still lay a soft shell egg. What is the cause of this?
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