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  1. C&E_NaturalMeats

    Is it sour crop? Should I worry?

    I have a 5 mo old pullet that has had a swollen crop for about 2 weeks now. We researched and realized it felt like sour crop. We attempted to treat it as sour crop but noticed no change after 5 days so now she is back in the run with the others. She appears to be energetic, eating normally...
  2. C&E_NaturalMeats

    Sour Crop - store bought ACV or

    Can I use store bought apple cider vinegar or does it need to come from a feed store?
  3. C&E_NaturalMeats

    Barred Rock Cockerel or Pullet

    IMG_4675 by C&E_NaturalMeats posted Jun 3, 2017 at 7:13 AM Barred Rock Cockerel or Pullet? Probably close to 3 1/2 months? I'm not sure of exact age. I bought what was supposed to be 2 BR pullets. They looked identical up until about 2 weeks ago. This one's comb and waddle are now larger and...
  4. C&E_NaturalMeats

    My first injured chick, please help! Will they peck her to death?

    Its my first batch of chicks. They are now 4 weeks old. I was moving them to an outdoor tractor when one of my cats batted up under a little gap and got one of the turkens with her claw. (the tractor is secure now with little chance of a cat getting in) At first I didn't notice it but since the...
  5. C&E_NaturalMeats

    What dog breed is best at guarding the farm and chickens?

    Hi, we are wanting to get a dog that is going to serve as a guard dog. We have one dog now, a pit bull mix that is sweet as can be but at night she barks at EVERYTHING as if the world is ending. We are wanting to get another farm dog, one that is intimidating enough to keep strangers and...
  6. C&E_NaturalMeats

    Please help me understand what could of done this!

    We live in an urban area and I built a chicken tractor for our 6, 8 week old chicks. Had the square chicken wire stapled good to the insides of the triangle and on the bottom so predators could not dig under. I would cover the chicken tractor at night with a tarp. Last night we didn't get home...
  7. C&E_NaturalMeats

    This Forum is addicting!!!

    I signed up yesterday and I'm really glad I did. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. Thank you! I've found out that this Forum is addicting. I've checked it non stop since I signed up. Lots of great stuff!
  8. C&E_NaturalMeats

    Can I use wood pellets for bedding?

    I wondered if anyone has used this for chicks. We had our first batch of chicks inside with pine shavings and it got SO dusty so I tried the pellets and they worked fine for the chicks that were 4 + wks. And the pellets really cut down on the dust. However when the pellets get wet, they turn to...
  9. C&E_NaturalMeats

    What behavior should you expect when moving your chicks outdoors?

    I have 6 8 week old chicks that have been going outside on nice days since about 2 weeks old. Recently we started the transition to move them outdoors into their chicken tractor, leaving them out during the day and bringing them in at night. Tonight is their first night staying out and they are...
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