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  1. tampitt

    so excited

    I was informed this morning by my husband one of the people who sell pullets at a local nursery was going to be selling today. He hinted that we had room for 2 more chickens. So we just go to take a look and see what he has to offer. We brought home 2 turken mixes, one easter egger turken...
  2. tampitt

    Buff Orp with sores on feet and legs

    I noticed the other day that there were some scabs on a couple of our hens. No one seems to be limping, they all run pretty fast when I go outside. She's been eating just fine and comes for treats. Everything seems to be normal with her other then her legs and feet. Here's a close up. I...
  3. tampitt

    question over crop

    Will a bird with an impacted crop still eat? Our birds are free ranged all day and their crops are pretty big, but they eat alot throughout the day. They also all come running if we have treats and everyone eats the treats.
  4. tampitt


    Is it ok for the chickens to eat okra and/or okra seeds? I have some that just got too big for us to eat and I was going to toss them in the compost heap, but the chickens get in there to snack.
  5. tampitt

    Our chicken tractor

    After about a month, we were able to move the girls in Saturday night and they've been doing good. Hoping tonight they will go in by themselves when it starts to get dark.
  6. tampitt

    Out own their own tonight

    We moved the babies outside to the new coop tonight. We've already been a couple of times to check on them. Last time we looked 2 were on the roost and the rest were huddled together on the floor. I'm hoping they will be fine own their own tonight.
  7. tampitt

    Took them outside for the first time

    Decided that it was warm enough for them to go out today. They all had a great time scratching and pecking.
  8. tampitt

    growing chicks question

    Does anyone know if Buff Opringtons develop slower then other chicks? We have 3 buffs, 3 Amerucanas and 1 Production Red. They were a week old Wednesday. The others have some tail feathers and most of their wing feathers, but the buffs only have some fuzz on their tails. The buffs are about...
  9. tampitt

    putting food on wood shavings

    I was just wondering if I should put some food on top of the wood shavings in the brooder to give the chicks something to scratch for, or would they eat the shavings?
  10. tampitt

    Lighting question

    We are using a red light to heat our brooder and a regular white light bulb to light it. How many hours a day do the chicks need to have the white light on? I was reading somewhere they said 22 hours of white light for the 1st week so the chicks will get to know where everything is. How many...
  11. tampitt

    New from Dallas, Texas

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I had some chickens growing up in the country, but they were just for eggs. I didn't interact with them much other then gathering eggs. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We will be getting 6 Thursday, June 4 (3)...
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