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  1. A_Duck_Named_HappyFeet

    Duckling Respiratory Problems

    Hey everyone! I need help with my ducklings respiratory problems. If your curious to hear what she sounds like here is a link: Be aware though the camera is bad and yes I already know that his eyes are squint. I need help on what to treat her. If you hear in the video, every time she breaths...
  2. A_Duck_Named_HappyFeet

    Whats wrong with my Duckling?!

    I am not sure what is wrong. It has been starting to make this noise since yesterday. I had bought this from another farmer. He had given me 24 ducklings. I have no clue when it was hatched or how old it is. It has wet poop and seems to make a weird noise whenever it starts breathing. I am...
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