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  1. CallyB57

    My roo Phinny needs antibiotic for injured feet. Best one to use?

    My giant brahma roo was chased down by 3 banty roosters and pecked severely - he ended up caught in some wire behind the henhouse and his feet are cut because he got tangled up. He seemed to be feeling bad a couple of days before that when I noticed he had bumblefoot, which I cleaned, put...
  2. CallyB57

    1st day of lockdown 103 degree spike. need advice.

    This morning around 10:15 my incubator was reading 100 degrees and the hygrometer reading was 60%. It is now 2:13 and I got a call from my X-husband about 5 minutes ago-he told me the incubator temperature was 103 degrees - said he didn't know how long it had been that way because he just woke...
  3. CallyB57


    I have tried everything to help my hen. She is a 2-yr old dark brahma. She has just come out of molt, but is not laying any eggs. She has very dark green feces (color of pond algae - kind of a dark bluish green) surrounded by yellow liquid. She is losing weight and will eat nothing except...
  4. CallyB57

    Your dead chick might not be dead!

    People, a miracle has occurred! My chicks came from Ideal - two were DOA and I buried them. Another was very weak and just tottered back and forth and kept its eyes shut. So, I took the weak one and put it in a separate box with some mash. It had made feeble attempts to peck, but didn't...
  5. CallyB57

    Could my chicks be dead in the shell at 24 days?

    My hen Sugar has been sitting on a huge, 3" egg for 23+ days. Today makes 24. I believe there would have been 2 yolks in the egg, and I'm wondering if they could not pip. Should I leave the egg alone, or try to see if they are alive and just can't get out. A couple of days ago I THOUGHT I...
  6. CallyB57

    Silly Story of Cackling Hens

    A funny story: The other night I got the chickens settled in their appropriate henhouses and locked the doors. As I was walking up the hill toward my trailer I heard one of the chickens start that 'alarm' cackle they do when they get really scared of something. Then all the chickens were...
  7. CallyB57

    Need help identifying this breed of banty rooster - photo.

    This banty rooster came to visit with 4 hens one day. He stayed - 2 of the hens have disappeared and two are still with him. They free-range and will not stay confined as they are excellent flyers and very fast little chickens. Does anybody know what kind of rooster this is?
  8. CallyB57

    3:00p.m/8:00p.m. Sun., 6:00a.m. Mon., 6:00p.m. Tues.-Hatching Eggs

    Not sure what to do about my Silkie hen. Above are the hatching times and days of 4 of the 5 eggs she has been setting on (chick 4 has pecked a large hole in its egg and is peeping)..they did begin to hatch late on the 21st day. The only egg left has no peeps or taps coming from it and no...
  9. CallyB57

    Silkie Found Sitting on 14 Eggs!

    This morning I was unable to account for one of my Silkies, so I finally got a flashlight and prayed she was under the henhouse. She was. I could see a couple of eggs laying close around her. Later on after I left for work my x-husband went outside and pried a piece of Tuftex apart from...
  10. CallyB57

    Somebody please help me!!! It's Phinny's feet. Please!

    Phinny's feet are red and swollen and all along where his feathers are it looks like his skin is just so red it almost looks like it is stripped off. A toenail on each foot has shortened to a stub and is black. He is on my bathroom sink. I don't know how to help him. I can't let him go back...
  11. CallyB57

    Photo of Phinny's sick feet.

    My rooster's feet have always been perfect - gold and tight scales - no problems whatsoever. Yesterday I was flabbergasted at the change in his feet. They were oozing a small drop of blood at the root of a few of the feathers and all along the line of his foot feathers on each toe, and between...
  12. CallyB57

    Sad little chicken.

    I bought 7 DBrahmas in July. They hatched on July 1. Six of them are now large, strapping healthy pullets, not laying yet, but growing well, eating well, and making hen sounds instead of chick sounds. The 7th one has not grown noticeably at all in about 6 or 7 weeks. She is still peeping...
  13. CallyB57

    Know where I can get some Hybrid Bluebells?

    I am interested in buying some eggs or chicks of the Hybrid Bluebell variety...can only find them in the UK. Know anybody who might be able to help me? Checked the hatcheries but didn't see any. Thanks.
  14. CallyB57

    Very Strange Rooster Behaviour

    My rooster follows me, or stays at my side when I walk the entire time I am outside piddling around my property. When I first go outside, he runs up beside me and drops his wing to the ground and drags it. I thought something was terribly wrong with his wing, but there is nothing wrong with...
  15. CallyB57

    Feeding chickens.

    I'm so excited - I just had to tell everyone - I order organic chickweed seeds online. 1200 seeds in a pack. I'm going to plant it everywhere, so my chickens will have something nutritious to snack on.
  16. CallyB57

    Panting Chickens

    I have 6 chickens, about 2 months old. 3 light brahmas, 2 easter eggers, 1 orpington. It is only about 83 degrees max here so far - Louisiana. My brahmas start panting in the late afternoon, though they are in partial shady conditions until about 3:00 and from about 3:00 p.m. on they are in...
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