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  1. ChickieLinds

    Still struggling....thinking Wet Pox instead of Mycoplasma?!

    Ok so I posted a few days ago, that my girls are being given denagard for over a week. They had foamy eye, raspy breathing and 2 passed away (beaks open like they had trouble breathing - labored). I thought it was mycoplasma. (If any pass, I plan on doing a necropsy) One of my girls now has...
  2. ChickieLinds

    Mycoplasma and dengard and oxine

    Hi I haven’t had it confirmed by an expert but all of my research has led me to believe my birds have mycoplasma ( raspy breathing, foaming and swollen eyes etc ) I have lost 2 in the the past week. I started with Denagard (15 ml per gallon) in all of the waterers added some sugar. I also used...
  3. ChickieLinds

    Scared to even ask

    So we moved our girls into a new coop a few months ago. The floor and run are dirt and dry. I have also introduced a few new birds (1 from tractor supply, 2 from people who are NPIP certified.) I noticed some of my older girls making some sneezes/congestion sounds. I thought it was just me but...
  4. ChickieLinds

    Solution to keeping plants safe

    We let our hens free range and they will do a number on our flowers. My husband welded together this cage and we put then netting on top. Now the flowers can grow and the chickens can't get to them.
  5. ChickieLinds

    Red bottom:diarrhea but is eating and not egg bound

    My girl has a red bottom and has been "leaking" white poo. She is not egg bound and is eating and drinking. She is running a bit funny on one side. We have bathed her and her comb is still a good color. We have her yogurt and a raw egg yesterday. Any idea what is going on with her bottom? We...
  6. ChickieLinds

    Hen is attacking bantam rooster

    We have laced wyandotte who is trying to fight out bantam d'uccle rooster. She pinned him and is drawing blood on his comb. She is fighting him like he is a threat to her position in the flock. we currently have them separated but I am at a loss as to what to do with them. We only have 1 coop...
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