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  1. Gallagherfarm

    Sandhill chicks coming tomorrow

    10 Egyptian Fayoumi and 10 Buff Laced Polish. They didn't have some of what I ordered so they are sending the remainder in a couple weeks with some free chicks! Yeah!
  2. Gallagherfarm

    What age do Sebastopols get curly feathers?

    Wondering how old are Sebs when they get their curly feathers?
  3. Gallagherfarm

    Nicole, from Kansas

    In new here. From Kansas. Have a problem with poultry. I love all kinds! Currently looking for modern game bantams! Nicole
  4. Gallagherfarm

    Jacobs Cave in MO this weekend

    Is anyone going? I've never been and would like to know if it's worth a 3 hr drive? Nicole
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