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  1. allanimals21

    The Kids are here!

    So this year I finally came up with a farm name for myself. Fainting Feather Farms. So anyhow I had my first kids that will be registered under my name born wednesday. Heres some pics! mom Laila is the black and white one. papa Gus This is the little boy. He has brown eyes. Thinking...
  2. allanimals21

    Peachick Identification--PICS

    Ok. So here are the 3 peas I hatched this last week. I assume they are pretty self explanatory. But if they are actually some other color or split can someone chime in? I'm tryin to get all of this but its alot to take in and understand. First one here came out of an egg marked BK which I...
  3. allanimals21

    Hatching Question

    I set 6 eggs on June 12th. 1 hatched yesterday 1 is hatching right now and the other 4 nothing. Is there still a possiblity that they will hatch a few days late? I thought I heard one tapping inside the egg but now I dont?
  4. allanimals21

    Real quick genetics question

    So peafowl genetics are way beyond my brain capacity I swear. My question is what can I get out of a trio that consists of India Blue Pied cock, BS hen, and India Blue hen? How do I end up with more pieds?
  5. allanimals21

    OK Guys...Since I don't Get this....

    Alright. So as I've said before I was getting Sid some girlfriends. Well I picked up 3. 2 BS hens and a white ?. Not sure of the whites sex. Just really wanted a white so I got pick of the "litter" so to speak and I picked this one. They were hatched last august roughly. Ok. Just a few...
  6. allanimals21

    Nice To Know That Some People Notice

    Not sure if this is the best place for this or not. Here goes.... So Monday afternoon the neighbors show up. They live on the other side of our 30 Acre field. Apparently my guineas decided to make a trip to their house and recruited their 2 males. So here I have 2 extra males and they want...
  7. allanimals21

    Barn cat just died....

    So my barn cat Darky was found dead this morning on the porch. Looks like he just fell asleep. The only wierd thing is he had blood coming from his mouth? I don't know why? I'm almost positive he had round worms. I had seen every so often some vomit with worms in it that had a pink tinge to...
  8. allanimals21

    New Peacocks home. Problems?

    So I brought 3 new peacocks home today. They are roughly 8 months old. 2 BS hens and 1 white. Anyhow at the place I got them from they were all moving around fine. Get them home 1-2 hours later and they don't want to walk. The one BS seems to fall backwards when she tries to walk? Could...
  9. allanimals21

    Are Opossums really a problem?

    Recently we've seen quite a few opossums. I don't have a problem with them but the inlaws are freaking out about how bad they are. That they will kill my chickens and kill my cats. Everytime I've seen them out here they are just chilling out. Mingling with the birds and cats. What are the...
  10. allanimals21

    Doe won't eat or drink after kidding?

    I'm posting this for my aunt. Heres the facts I have 3 year old boer doe. 1st kidding. She had triplets 1 really big and 2 smaller kids. 1 of the smaller kids died. The problem is apparently since she has kidded (last thursday) she has only drank a measurable amount of water twice and only...
  11. allanimals21

    Because I can't say "NO!" and I'm just that nice :)

    So this weekend I rescued/took in my boxers brother. Poor guy is about 15 pounds underweight, has sores on his legs and backs of his thighs from being kept outside in below zero weather in a kennel kept on cement. One of these sores is infected. So he is on antibiotics. Then upon inspection...
  12. allanimals21

    Coccidia in cats anyone?

    So I took in my uncles cat when he passed a month or so ago. Well unknown to me he had coccidia. Well now him and my other cat both have it. I've been treating almost a month now. Twice now we have done albon. I clean out the litter box everyday and bleach it. Thought everything was going...
  13. allanimals21

    Sid gets some girlfriends!---some pics added---

    So I just confirmed that I will be picking Sid's girlfriends up this sunday. They are 2 Black Shoulder hens that are between 6-8 months old. So they can grow up with him. I'm super excited. Oh and I may get an unsexed white. She's not sure on the sex of the whites which I said is fine. No...
  14. allanimals21

    Hey Nifty!!

    I just watched the lastest episode of Animal Hoarders on Animal Planet. The one with Peter and all the chickens! I saw you! lol
  15. allanimals21

    First quail. --Holy Crap I have babies!--

    So these would be my first quail ever. I guess they are Chinese Painted Button Quail? I wanted something to test my new incubatore I got for christmas and found these locally. I hope they hatch. Stupid bator spiked to 107 at one point the first or second it running steady at abou...
  16. allanimals21

    Frozen ducks here in MN we have some really crappy weather. Well yesterday it rained last night I froze. Some of my birds ducks and chickens apparently weren't smart enough to stay out of the water last night and have gobs of ice on them. What is the best way to handle this?
  17. allanimals21

    Polish Top Hats

    I was just wondering if anyone on here is a Top Hat fan. I currently have one roo named Killer. Next weekend I'm going to be picking up some new hens. 5 to be exact. Also a blue and white splash roo. Anyone got any pics of their Top Hats?
  18. allanimals21

    Can someone explain?

    Whats the difference between a Rouen and a Mallard? I guess I've never seen a Rouen in person. But they seem to resemble mallards?
  19. allanimals21

    Mini Horses & Other Livestock---New ?'s 1st post

    I just got this idea that I want a mini horse. Before I get ahead of myself I was wondering if anyone can tell me how they get along with other livestock/animals in general. I know alot of it depends on the mini itself and the other animals. But does anyone here have a mini that they keep...
  20. allanimals21

    Hunting Rant ---Mods Kill The Thread---

    Ok...I am pro hunting. I love deer hunting. My thing is I am so sick of these so called "hunters" that shoot at anything and everything they see. Wether or not they get a clean kill shot. I will be the first to admit I don't always come home with a deer. I've only shot 2. One of which just...
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