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  1. buffyandhersisters

    My chicken has blood all over her vent area Help!

    My beautiful black Australope, "Snowflake" has blood oozing out of her vent - its all over her back side and it looks like her insides are coming out. There is a small "ball" on the lower part and the upper part looks almost like entrails. It looks awful. She is quarantined. She's alert and...
  2. buffyandhersisters

    one leg on my Welsummer looks like a chicken drumstick

    My beautiful Welsummer chicken is pecking her own feathers out I think. There are no feathers on one of her legs and she is constantly bending her head down and pecking her belly feathers. Is there something I can do to stop her from doing this? Thank you!
  3. buffyandhersisters

    Combining different aged chickens

    I have five 2 month old chickens and 2 laying hens (maybe 6 months old). Can they all eat the same thing? Right now I have them separated, so the young ones can eat medicated chick mash and the hens can eat laying crumbles. I'd like to get them all in the same coop though. When can the...
  4. buffyandhersisters

    What is an Easter Egger?

    Are Easter Eggers an actual breed? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  5. buffyandhersisters

    strange colors of eggs

    We got a new hen and she started laying yesterday. First egg was olive green and today it was kind of lavender. Does what they eat have anything to do with the color of the egg. She is a pretty brown chicken with not much of a comb and a stand upish tail. I have no idea what she is. Any ideas?
  6. buffyandhersisters

    olive green eggs

    My husband brought home 2 chickens yesterday b/c we lost a chick to the dog (like so many of you). He wasn't clear on the age difference and brought home laying hens (we have 5 week old chicks). I have them separated and there were 2 eggs today. One brown - I think she's a RIR, and one olive...
  7. buffyandhersisters

    How long can they hang in a small coop without a run

    We have 5 6 week old chicks (we had 6 but our dog and/or an owl got one on Sunday). My husband brought home 2 pullets yesterday to replace the baby. The pullets are big though - much bigger than our 6 week olds. One of the pullets even laid an egg today. I put the pullets in an empty rabbit...
  8. buffyandhersisters

    And then there were five

    Somehow one of my 5 week old beauties got out of the run today and our dog got her and killed her. My daughter is devastated. We can't figure out how Beatrice got out. The run has 7 foot fencing, there's no way she went under. Could she fly over at that age? She was a precocious chicken...
  9. buffyandhersisters

    Changing food

    When do I change from medicated chick mash to something else? My chicks are 4 weeks old and are now outside in a hen house at night and free ranging during the day.
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