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  1. ChickenDogDuck

    I can't believe my dog

    Chicken McNuggets for dogs.
  2. ChickenDogDuck

    Going to set a trap for another coon....

    Quote: I don't think it had one thing to do with you lickskillet. It seems a few go out of their way to stir things up, just so they can get a thread shut down. Good Luck catchin' another raccoon!
  3. ChickenDogDuck

    Grey Squirrels Driving Me Crazy!

    My pest company guy said they are not native and are driving the brown ones out. Perhaps your pest company guy is a little confused. The Western Gray Squirrel is native to California, as well as Oregon, Washington and on up into Canada. "The western gray squirrel is native to California but...
  4. ChickenDogDuck

    Grey Squirrels Driving Me Crazy!

    Quote: The raccoons and possums will probably be next to visit...
  5. ChickenDogDuck

    Three enormous dogs

    Quote: Seems to be a recurring theme around here, when it comes to folks allowing their dogs to roam free in neighborhoods. You will meet again.
  6. ChickenDogDuck

    lost some chickens :(

    Unless the hawk was one not listed in the link below, it was an illegally killed bird, as described in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Yes, the OP did edit the illegal part out. Boyd, when you find the law that states you can kill the...
  7. ChickenDogDuck

    Racoon killed my pet cat by front door!

    Here's a news story about raccoons killing & eating cats in Olympia, WA. Maybe these Northwest raccoons are just meaner out here than the rest of the country...
  8. ChickenDogDuck

    lost some chickens :(

    I'm not a hawk hugger, having lost a few birds to hawks but I was a bit shocked to see this thread still here this morning. Figured it would be removed due to the illegal act mentioned.
  9. ChickenDogDuck

    Racoon killed my pet cat by front door!

    Quote: FWIW: Raccoons have been known to kill dogs as well.
  10. ChickenDogDuck

    my new pyr was guarding my chicks and bit my husband...

    "he's a very impatient person, he's very easily aggravated" Doesn't sound like he would be a good candidate to be working with a dog like a Pyr or any other breed...
  11. ChickenDogDuck

    Racoon killed my pet cat by front door!

    After you shoot it, reset the trap. There will be another nearby.
  12. ChickenDogDuck

    opossums are they a threat??

    ps. Don't make it mad!
  13. ChickenDogDuck

    opossums are they a threat??

    Quote: Yes, the opossum will try to get to your chickens and eat them.
  14. ChickenDogDuck

    What is the best way to "dispatch" of raccoons and other predators?

    Quote: Thanks for the tip! Can you post your address so I can ship a few closer to your place?
  15. ChickenDogDuck

    What about black bears?

    Black bears are omnivorous in the true sense of the word. They will eat almost anything that lives, once lived or may yet live. Source: Some good info in the above link if you live in blackbear country and there is another link within...
  16. ChickenDogDuck

    Name this predator....

    If it happened sometime between evening and morning, a Great Horned Owl could be a suspect.
  17. ChickenDogDuck

    Rocky Raccoon outsmarted me again....

    Quote: Reproduction: Raccoons are polygamous. They mate in late winter or early spring (January to mid-March). Adult males occupy areas of about 3 to 20 square miles, compared to about 1 to 6 square miles for females. Adult males tend to be territorial and ranges overlap very little. This...
  18. ChickenDogDuck

    Hello from Bend, Oregon!

    from your neighbor over in the Coast Range
  19. ChickenDogDuck

    Hello from Oregon!

    from just up the road a piece
  20. ChickenDogDuck

    will chicks bring more attention to cayotes and hawks??

    If a coyote can't jump over a 6' fence, they will dig under it, if they know there is something to eat on the other side. There are other four legged creatures to consider as well, such as raccoons, possums, foxes or others that might live in your area. Yorkies and small dogs of that type and...
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