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    Hens increasing in confidence since rooster culled!

    It is easy to work with an aggressive rooster to make them more gentle. It just takes a little time -
  2. adickenscoop

    Something is wrong with my chickens foot

    If it were me, I wouldn't mess around with guessing what it is and just go to see a vet. Here is a directory of vets who see chickens -
  3. adickenscoop

    Need help getting rid of mites!!!

    You need to figure out what kind of mites they are, in order to properly eradicate them. Here is an infographic which explains it better -
  4. adickenscoop

    Cockerel with potential infection

    It's infected. I would bring him to see a vet so you can get him on the proper antibiotics and treatment -
  5. adickenscoop


    The biggest thing with bumblefoot is modifying the environment. Such as keeping it clean, using a different substrate, keeping their area dry, etc. Here is more info about it -
  6. adickenscoop

    avacado tree leaves

    Id try to minimize from the avocado tree are toxic to birds -
  7. adickenscoop

    Invisible Bugs - Help!

    Here is an infographic about helping you figure out which bugs are bothering your birds - perhaps this might be beneficial for you.
  8. adickenscoop

    Yellow diarrhea

    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool to get an idea of the possibilities?
  9. adickenscoop

    Covering the run help

    You aren't nuts, you are smart. I would recommend predator proofing the top and putting something that isn't going to collapse if snow falls on top of it. Therefore, you'll probably have to add some support columns and slope it somewhat so the snow slides off. Here is a good infographic on...
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    Chicks Are Sick; No Idea What It Is!

    Have you tried the chicken symptom checker tool?
  11. adickenscoop

    Unidentified skin disease.

    Have you tried using the chicken symptom checker tool?
  12. adickenscoop

    Swollen foot, not bumble foot nor gout

    Not sure what antibiotic was used. May not have been the correct one. Have you seen this? It causes swollen footpads too -
  13. adickenscoop

    possible friend for disabled hen

    a rooster would take care of her
  14. adickenscoop

    How to treat parasites?

    Here are your different options for treating tapeworms -
  15. adickenscoop

    What killed the chicken?

    Have you tried using the poultry predator identifier tool? It might be helpful for you in identifying the predator...
  16. adickenscoop

    Raccoon question

    Oh no that's awful :( I am so sorry. I think it sorta depends on your setup as to what possible predators could have gotten inside and eaten all the birds that quickly. You may want to think about predator proofing your pen to prevent it from happening are some good tips on how to...
  17. adickenscoop

    My poor hen is bullied, lost her babies to snake

    If it were me, I would do what I could to keep the snake from getting in. Have you tried different tactics to get rid of it? Here is an infographic with some good tips -
  18. adickenscoop

    Red sore feet

    It sorta looks like his feet are a bit puffy. The first thing that crossed my mind was is some info about it, it is more common then people realize in chickens -
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    That's just the breed, their feathers are like that.
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