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  1. bawk_bawk

    Patchy feathers and not laying eggs???

    Hey, so I've been on here before but took a fairly large hiatus, but now I'm back again. My chickens haven't laid eggs in a week and they also have really patchy feathers, is there possibly a nutrient that they are deficient in?
  2. bawk_bawk

    3 yo RSL with leg problem, please help?

    I've ruled out a broken bone, and she doesn't have any punctures to her foot pads. A friend of mine said possibly a pulled muscle... What should I do in the mean time? I'm afraid if I put her on the roost she'll jump down and break her other leg.
  3. bawk_bawk

    3 yo RSL with leg problem, please help?

    My 3 yo RSL is unable to walk. She is keeping her right leg tucked up underneath her when she stands and she is trying as hard as possible to not stand on it. She starts freaking out when I touch her hock and her stool is dark green and runny. Is it possible it's Mareks? :(
  4. bawk_bawk

    Emergency information needed!

    Quarantine the birds bought from the farm and any other possibly affected birds from the rest of your flock and observe them. I don't really have any other ideas for you, sorry
  5. bawk_bawk

    Please help me diagnose *updated in 1st post & added video*

    One of my hens is doing the head-bobbing thing showed in the video. She is with one of my other hens who is regrowing feathers and I gave them new food today. I went out to the other birds and when I came back my hen was wheezing and doing the head bobbing thing. How do I solve this? D:
  6. bawk_bawk


    Hi guys! I'm from Utah, too!
  7. bawk_bawk

    Too much chicken poop

    Okay, will think about the sand. We got our composting stuff started, which is great. Hopefully we'll get this issue done with soon.
  8. bawk_bawk

    I think my hen is sick.

    Yay! Good luck with your birds!
  9. bawk_bawk

    I think my hen is sick.

    You should keep them inside because the temperature is more controlled there. We haven't really had any sort of sickness with our hens, but one thing you should do is give her plenty of rest. Don't over excite her by handling her unless you have to. Scrambled eggs are really beneficial to...
  10. bawk_bawk

    Sand vs. Hay/straw?

    When you're composting, it's best to use the straw because it decomposes along with the poo while sand works like kitty litter.
  11. bawk_bawk

    i hate chicken wire

    It depends on what you're doing with the chicken wire. If you're trying to create a sort of sculpture with it, then yes it sucks. If you're trying to block up some holes, it's okay. It seems to work with making little temporary boxes that we use when our chickens are sick or injured. Helpful...
  12. bawk_bawk

    Green legs?? Is this normal??

    Most birds that have had crosses with EE birds will tend to have greenish legs.
  13. bawk_bawk

    Chick with cross beak *pics*

    Our 2 year hen Bessie has a pretty crossed beak, but seems to eat and drink well. She does take longer to eat and drink than the other birds, and is often pecked by them, but she's managed to survive so far. For people with crossed beaked birds, watch out for cannibalism with your flock...
  14. bawk_bawk

    Too much chicken poop

    We do give free eggs to our neighbors, and we are also working on a composting system. I've also heard that mixing wood chips or sawdust with the composing poop reduces the smell by a lot. We do have 12 chickens and we are planning to sell four of them so that we'd be within our local chicken...
  15. bawk_bawk

    Chickens pecking

    We're planning to sell four of our birds so that our chickens have more space. We also try to get as many apple cores and other interesting treats for them to peck at as often as we can.
  16. bawk_bawk

    Too much chicken poop

    They're complaining about the yard. We managed to get a lot of the poop to a gardener, but then he said that it would probably have to go to the dump. Lime and DE and pine shavings are on the shopping list now. Thanks!
  17. bawk_bawk

    Chickens pecking

    Some of our chickens are pecking at themselves/each other and are causing bald patches on the neck, elbows, and back/butt. I'm applying pine tar, but is there anyting else I need to do? I have AviaCharge vitamin water, and BluKote.
  18. bawk_bawk

    Too much chicken poop

    Our neighbors are complaining that the smell issuing from the chicken poop is, well, crappy. Is there any sort of cleansing process/composting/etc that could help with that?
  19. bawk_bawk

    observation of birds coming off roost?

    When I open up the door for them to go into their little yard, sometimes one of them will hop onto the door and then on my head and then into the yard and then give me the stink eye, as if I were not a good roost. Also, forgetful chickens trying to figure out how to get down are HILARIOUS.
  20. bawk_bawk

    Black sex-link personality?! and pics

    I think that the experience depends on how the genes split. If your BSL shows more red, it's more likely to be a bit more aggressive towards the chickens. (will post pictures when I can) It seems our two hens are a tidge aggressive, but they're still loving. While they're not quite as...
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