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  1. KrazyKatLady

    Possible Coryza? Or just plain respiratory infection?

    On Wednesday I swapped a couple of my silkie roos for a couple of girls. About halfway home my daughter heard one sneeze. When we got home I transferred them from the carrier to a holding box for isolation. I noticed the smallest hen that was sneezing had an unpleasant smell. Not knowing...
  2. KrazyKatLady

    Mosquito control?

    HELP! I am on a five acre piece of what should be paradise but has turned out to be a mosquito harboring marsh! While eliminating as much standing water as I can find and can actually do something about (marsh...swamp...more rain in one month than I've seen ino my lifetime), does anyone have any...
  3. KrazyKatLady

    How to keep track of hatchlings

    I have 2 different batches of eggs and 1 incubator. I want to keep track of which chicks hatch from which batch. I have come up with a way to separate them in the incubator but it will be much more convenient if they can brood together. How can I "mark" them when they hatch?
  4. KrazyKatLady

    Possible Buff Sebright? TSC bantam bin mystery

    [/IMG] I picked this "guy?" up from TSC a few weeks ago. Bright blue/green legs, started out a solid creamy color and just now getting the color variations. Has always been smaller than the other bantams. Looks like a rose comb and we suspect maybe a roo. Any ideas?
  5. KrazyKatLady

    Baby turkeyyy????? Help?

    So my friend found a whole bunch of baby turkeys without their mom and she knew to leave them because their mom would come back then 2 weeks later she came back and all the chicks (idk what their called) were dead she thinks her cat ate them and their mom wasnt their again so she caught it and...
  6. KrazyKatLady

    New from VA

    My daughter joined this group a few days ago, so I figured I should follow suit. We just got into chickens this year. It all started with 2 ducks and four chicks from TSC. Then a week later i made the mistake of following the cheeps as I went back for cat food. This resulting in my coming home...
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