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  1. TwoByTwo

    polish hens or pullets

    I am wanting a few polish girls. I would rather not have them shipped. I live in western ky. I am willing to travel but not real far. The color doesn't matter as long as they are healthy. So if you have any girls you are wanting to sale let me know. Thanks.
  2. TwoByTwo

    Two dead hens????

    I have had chickens for a year now with no problems until the last few months. We set up a new coop for more chickens and they are fine. But the ones I've had for a year are dropping like flies. Tonight we had to put down my favorite hen. We went to gather the eggs tonight and my children came...
  3. TwoByTwo

    wooden chicken brooder

    Ok so 17 baby chicks in my living room is just about too much for me. I love them and would love them even more if I didn't have to smell them every day I get home. We live in western ky and it will be getting warm before long. So I am wanting to make a brooder for outside. It will be in the...
  4. TwoByTwo

    Day 19 and have a pip what to do??? help

    So yesterday I got home from work to find that my lovely husband who was the only one home all day had hit the incubator. I freaked out. What to do?? So I just left them alone. At 11 lastnight one had a pip in it. It is two days early!!! Now it has had no progress since last night. So should we...
  5. TwoByTwo


    Wanting to buy a chicken coop near western ky to house approximately 5 to 6 polish.
  6. TwoByTwo

    Rooster Fight

    This morning woke up to find both my roosters out and fighting. My polish roo is hurt pretty bad. He has is really bad cut up on his leg his face is all bloody and his back is missing feathers and cut up. I washed all his wounds and put neosporine on them. I there anything else I can do for him...
  7. TwoByTwo

    hatching eggs

    Im looking for easter eggers olive eggers amerucana and maran hatching eggs. Im wanting to pick up I have not had good luck with shipping. So anywhere within 2 hours of western ky.
  8. TwoByTwo

    Americana or Easter Eggers

    Wanting to buy chicks or hatching eggs near Western KY.
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