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  1. Arkansas81

    Freshly Hatched Chicks

    I have Bantams, Large Fowl, Fancies, Keats, hatching weekly. I have mixed breeds and many pure breeds. I am located in Arkansas (Batesville Area). For chicks of any breed is $3.00 a chick. You can email me anytime.
  2. Arkansas81

    Many different breed hatching eggs (chicken, quail, turkey, peafowl, waterfowl)

    Breeds vary from all kinds of breeds (large or bantam) of all fowl. Just let me know what you would like, or want and I can see what is available. Prices vary too but start at: 4 eggs-$5.00 depending on breed 6 eggs $15.00 depending on breed 12 eggs $20.00 depending on breed Shipping &...
  3. Arkansas81

    Back Yard Mixed Hatching Eggs

    I have backyard mixed hatching eggs ready to go-every week, 6 egg minimum or buy up to 18 per order. I will ship-that charge plus materials will be added on to final price. I will ship by either method-Priority or Express. My eggs are collected everyday, I do not ship eggs any older than 5 days...
  4. Arkansas81

    very sleepy /non thriving chick

    I hatched 13 chicks a week ago. All seemed healthy and lively, I left for about a week with my sister watching them. I set up a huge plastic tub with brooder light plenty of water /food. Came back 3 of the smaller chicks very weak, 2 have died, 1 is on its way. Ive been force feeding it wet...
  5. Arkansas81

    EE hens....

    I have 4 ee hens that lay all variations of green eggs. I have seen some Wheaten Americana Roo's that are just beautiful!!! I am wondering what egg color would those babies lay? Thanks!
  6. Arkansas81

    Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

    Shipping is included, I ship Express Mail plus insurance. Breeds that I have are: HENS: Basque RIR White Leghorn Cochin Banties Gold Laced Polish Gold Laced Wyandottes Americauna's (green layers) ROOSTERS: Basque & Black Copper Marans *These are not pure, but they are beautiful birds...
  7. Arkansas81

    Golden Laced Polish Roosters

    I have 2 golden polish roosters that are need of a good home. They are in my picture gallery-Edward/Jacob. They are purebred-pet quality, good flock protectors. I just don't have the room to keep them. Please only serious inquiries.
  8. Arkansas81


    I've got some roos for sale...I have two that are golden laced polish, and two mixed breeds. I think that the mixes are a black sex-link cukoo, and a black Marans. They all are beautiful, well natured roos. I just have to many-just want to make sure all is happy within the flock. The attached...
  9. Arkansas81

    can i feed my birds suet?

    i was wondering if suet would hurt them? looks like so many yummy things, so was just wondering?? thanks!
  10. Arkansas81

    chickens eating their feathers??

    my chickens have been eating their feathers for awhile now but not very often~i thought weird. now they are pretty close to laying i'm wondering are they doing this for more calicum? sometimes they will pluck out little downy feathers and other times they are plucking out their big ones...
  11. Arkansas81

    any hatcheries in Arkansas????????

    i think i'm pretty much set for now, but i WOULD LOVE some silkies and some other breeds too. i would like to have as started pullets tho. i'm not in the mood for babies right, i've had my fill. just thought i would ask, if i can find someone with silkies etc at the right price-location i...
  12. Arkansas81

    i dont have plastic eggs or golf balls...what else?

    howdy! i just put my nesting boxes in with hay and pine shreds, but i cant find my daughters plastic eggs and i dont have golf balls. is there something else that i can use?
  13. Arkansas81

    how can i tell if i am feeding my chickens to much? not enough, how much do you feed at one time-all

    i have a flock of almost 20 standard size chickens. i did have a 2 gallon auto feeder hanging in the coop, took it out cause they were making such a mess out of it. they would kick it out just as soon as i filled it up, once on the ground they hardly touched it. so i started to sprinkle a fair...
  14. Arkansas81

    when to put in the nest boxes

    im going to be getting eggs in weeks to come...when do i put in the nest boxes?
  15. Arkansas81

    will this hurt my youngsters?

    i have some hens that are getting ready to lay, but i also have some hens that are not quite there yet. So question is: can i feed layer ration to all of the chickens. my oldest is 4 months my youngets are about 2 weeks younger. or do i still need to feed chick feed to the younger and layer...
  16. Arkansas81

    red face = getting ready to lay??

    my girls are looking redder than usual, more plump, and seeming to maybe making the "egg" song? i believe they are around 4 months old? i dont have any nesting boxes yet and was thinking i wasnt going to need them till aug at the earliest? they are super sweet and docile...just cnt wait till...
  17. Arkansas81

    anyone with any tips....suggestions???

    ok after some research i think i might be able to tell what my polish chickens are? if they are getting a formed rounded head crest then most likely they are pullets? if they have a more smooth body pullet? if they head feathers are more like a mohawk roo? the saddle feathers more pointy...
  18. Arkansas81

    plz tell me this is a golden polish rooster???

    i hope edward is a boy..but if he isnt then i have 4 more to hope to be boys. this one is the biggest and his crest has been coming in WAY longer than the others. the others look like they have a VERY bad haircut.. he is the only one with white head feathers...weird. but i am hoping he is a boy...
  19. Arkansas81

    feeder making me crazy!!!!!

    I cnt figure out a good feeder....I have used a normal feeder. Where u pour the food in from the top. Now I sprinkle the food on the ground. The chicks would scatter-knock out the food from feeder and loop in it. Looking for an easy way to give them food without a bunch wasted.....or am I...
  20. Arkansas81

    if i incubate myself??

    if i incubate myself can i put the babies back with the hens in a day or two? or is it better to let moms hatch them then keep the peeps seperate but still let moms in with the peeps?? i should be getting eggs in a few weeks for the very first time.....
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