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  1. CountryGirl3294

    Help!! My Barred Rock Pullets Are Laying Eggs Outside of Their Nesting Boxes, and a Few Have Been Pe

    I need help!! My Barred Rock Pullets have came to the age of laying. I have only have 3 pullets out of the 14 laying. They're almost 29 weeks old. I have six nesting boxes about 10" off the ground. The boxes were made out of milk crates and they have straw in there for bedding. They will not lay...
  2. CountryGirl3294

    Barred Rock Laid Her First Egg!

    My BR Pullet laid her first egg yesterday and another today! Only 22 weeks old, but dang her eggs are tiny! Barely anything to eat! When should I expect her eggs to increase in size? I purchased BRs because of their large brown eggs. I have people wanting to buy eggs from me but I would fell bad...
  3. CountryGirl3294

    20 Week Old Barred Rock Pullet?

    I purchased 14 pullets from my local feed store... but everyone knows how those "pullet runs" can be surprise here's a cockerel for ya! All my "pullets" are around 20 weeks old. I'm nearly certain shes a pullet because she has not crowed yet. Shes just very mature looking compared to my other...
  4. CountryGirl3294

    Looking For The Best Feed To Feed My Barred Rock Layers

    Hello Everyone, I know there are numerous posts about this topic already. So I apologize for asking again! Currently my Barred Rock pullets are on DuMor Chick Starter/Grower 20%, they're going on six weeks old. I was wondering is there anything they may be better for them? I am not having any...
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