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  1. Huskeriowa

    A fox.

    I have a small flock, nine in all. I have occasionally seen foxes over the years and when I have, I have kept the girls locked in their run. A few weeks ago I saw a fox run through the back of our yard and I have kept the girls in the run as a precaution. Today, I let them out to free range...
  2. Huskeriowa

    Avoiding Cocci

    Hi all, I have a small flock. Six hens in the coop and I have three nine week old chicks in the basement. When I add a new group of chicks to the established hens I put them in a dog run inside of the chicken run until they are ready to be fully introduced to the old gals. Last year I...
  3. Huskeriowa

    Help with cocci please.

    Hi all, I have a small mixed flock. I have six hens that are two years old and just added three youngsters that are four months. I have the run set up in a way that the younger girls can get away from the older ones and still have access to food and water. I have noticed that the younger...
  4. Huskeriowa

    Some help with a sore backside please.

    Hi all, I am usually one to take the time to research this site for my answers before I ask a question. However I am leaving the house and am hoping that an expert can give me their thoughts so that I can pass any information onto my wife. I got new chicks on the 17the of this month. This...
  5. Huskeriowa


  6. Huskeriowa

    The ladies are on a very long strike.

    Hello everyone. Ok so I know there are threads all over that talk about the frustration related to poor egg production but I thought I would add one more. I have had chickens on and off for years but I have never had had the issues that I am currently having. In the past 4.5 months I have...
  7. Huskeriowa

    How to stop one chicken from injuring another?

    Hi all, Maybe I should have posted this in the injury forum but I thought it may be appropriate to put it here too. I have only six hens. One hen, a brahma has sores on her feet that I am sure come from one of the other hens pecking at her. She is not the top hen but is not at the bottom of...
  8. Huskeriowa

    Weed killer

    Hi all, I am at a loss as to what part of the index this question would go under. Hopefully this is the right one. I live on an acre and a half and today I sprayed weed killer on the entire lawn. I usually let the chickens out to free range once a day for about an hour or so but I am sure I...
  9. Huskeriowa

    eggs on the poop board

    Hi all. Why are they laying eggs on the poop board? Did I do something wrong? I had a limited amount of room to juggle the floor area, and the nest above and the roosts above that. If you glance at my page you can see what it looks like. Will they figure out where to lay the eggs over time...
  10. Huskeriowa

    Killer hen

    What in the world possesses a chicken to do the things that they do? I am not excessively tall at six foot but last night a six month old hen leaped up on my shoulder. I was sort of shocked that the fat lady, a buff orpington could fly that high. I stood there wondering how to get this dumb...
  11. Huskeriowa

    Georgette or George?

    Hi all, I ordered 8 chicks that are now 23 weeks old. One was a male and I re-homed it and now I am concerned that I have another male in the group. I have two australorps and one looks nothing like the other. The one I am concerned about seems to have a huge comb and waddles, and is the...
  12. Huskeriowa

    Coop for sale

    Hi all, I was looking around at things on craigs list today and found this . The past three weeks or so it has been around 100 degrees here. It literally has to be like an oven in there with little or no venting at all. It may be quicker...
  13. Huskeriowa

    how to dispose of animals?

    Hi all, I tried to do a search on this site and couldn'tt easily find my answer. I would look more but want to get my issue solved quickly. Three coons were in my yard earlier and they looked to me to have distemper. None of them could walk straight. One of the three stood up and started...
  14. Huskeriowa

    Busted maybe

    hi all, So I live in a subdivision in a rural residential area that has about 30 homes in it. Each property is a minimum of 1 acre in size. The covenants clearly state no chickens allowed... ' No animals, fowl or birds, except customary household pets, shall be maintained on any lot.'...
  15. Huskeriowa

    Why are they doing this thing that I evidently don't have a word for?

    Hi all, I have searched this site and googled trying to get an answer but evidently I don't know what phrase to use to get the answer. Why do my 2.5 month olds go up to something wood or a leg or whatever and wipe their beaks all over it? I cant figure out if it is some kind of sharpening...
  16. Huskeriowa

    Light suggestions?

    Hi all, I have an issue that didn't predict when building the coop. I have an automatic door that opens at a specific time in the morning and closes at dusk. The way my coop is configured, there is a landing at the chicken door on the interior of the coop that is a few feet away from the...
  17. Huskeriowa


    Hi all, I have googled this question and cant find the correct image. I am looking for a picture of a male or female rosecomb that is over two and a half months old so that I can compare. All I can find are pictures of new chicks or adults. Does anyone have one? Thanks much!
  18. Huskeriowa

    Forum member chicken waterer

    Hi all. When trying to figure out what to build and how to build it there can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in. One issue that it seems everyone contends with is how to water their birds. I purchased products from a board member named Neil Grassbaugh. The price was fair or...
  19. Huskeriowa

    I built a coop in a shed and a run on a hill.

    Hi all, I wanted to 'give back' to this site with a submission that hopefully can help people overcome a problem, or help them learn from where I may have made a mistake. I have learned a lot surfing this site and a lot of the ideas I used I found from researching here. I was confined to...
  20. Huskeriowa


    Hi all, I displayed my questionable free chick a couple of weeks ago. At that time I was told it is a rosecomb and most of the guesses said boy because it had a comb at six weeks. Now it is over two months old and to me at least the comb hasn't grown and looks like a female. I am trying to...
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