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  1. Frizzled

    Kay-Dee crossed the rainbow bridge

    Sorry for your loss, One my babies of 18 years crossed over Tuesday afternoon.
  2. Frizzled

    Photography 101 a BYC taught class *NEW Lesson on Pg. 21*COLOR*

    Sounds pretty cool, going to post so I don't loose the thread.
  3. Frizzled

    Compact Presario problem

    Anyone know how to get a Compaq Presario 5000 series computer back up and running. When I turn it on all it will do is go to a DOS screen, Think I have a virus, tried to clean the hard drive with system tools and this is what happen. I can't find the recovery disc for it if there is one. It has...
  4. Frizzled

    Dog pics

  5. Frizzled

    Brodee passed away today...RIP Ch. Davmoor Vision Keeper :(

    Sorry to hear about Brodee, I feel your pain. My GSD stepped on my 5 lb little poodle girl and killed her instantly Saturday afternoon.
  6. Frizzled

    Beagle Puppies In NC

    Does anyone know of any beagle puppies for sale near Mocksville, North Carolina?
  7. Frizzled

    Do you feed Purina ONE Lamb and Rice?

    After looking at the ratings chart that was posted on the first page, I bought a bag of TOTW yesterday for my GSD. Mixed it with her Purina One and I think she was impressed. Anyway the info on here has been great. Mattie the GSD thanks you.
  8. Frizzled

    My Parrotlets!!!!

    Love the parrotlets, never knew there was such a bird. What would someone expect to pay for a parrotlet?
  9. Frizzled

    Help with spaying question

    This place has been doing it a long time. Thanks
  10. Frizzled

    Help with spaying question

    I am going to get my GSD spayed in the near future. I can't decide which is best, the traditional way or getting the laser surgery done. I have heard they heal faster with less problems with the laser. Mattie is a year and 2 months old. Which do you guys think is best? Thanks for your input.
  11. Frizzled

    help me feed my GSD. New ? in post 1

    Is the vitamin E made just for dogs or is it the same as for humans and what would be the dosage?
  12. Frizzled

    help me feed my GSD. New ? in post 1

    Quote: She gets a bath about once a week, yesterday with oatmeal shampoo. Don't know if that matters or not. I use a furminator about once a week, read they could irritate the skin if used too much. She's not showing any of the signs you guys are describing as food allergys. I bought a...
  13. Frizzled

    help me feed my GSD. New ? in post 1

    I use a shedding blade about once a week. I'm trying to make sure it's just normal shedding and I'm not missing anything. I know it's got to be miserable with all that hair and this heat. I certainly don't want her to be allergic to sometime and not fix it. She stays in the house, so she's cool...
  14. Frizzled

    help me feed my GSD. New ? in post 1

    Thanks for the responses. I am just worried about all the scratching she doing. This morning she pulled hair out of her chest with her mouth. I have bought a supplement that suppose to help with dry skin, she's going to get an oatmeal bath this afternoon and comfortis just in case there a flea I...
  15. Frizzled

    help me feed my GSD. New ? in post 1

    OK, I need help deciding what feed to give my GSD, She is 1 year and 1 month old I had her on Enhance large breed puppy until she turned 1 year old in June, now I have her on Enhance adult feed. I started out with Ecanuba until the man at the feed store said Enhance was as good and cost less. I...
  16. Frizzled

    Need computer help

    I have a Dell inspiron 8200 that won't recognize the disc drive. When I try to burn a CD it tell me to put a disc in the drive. There's already a brand new disc in it. Does anyone have any ideas what I need to do to fix it. Thanks. I forgot to add that the drive will work if the disc has...
  17. Frizzled

    Peacock Feathers Broken

    Its been awhile, I'll check and worm him. I very seldom see him messing with his feathers though.
  18. Frizzled

    Peacock Feathers Broken

    I have a 2.5 or 3 year old peacock who's tail feathers are broken off and just look bad. He has a huge run so he has plenty of room to move about, any ideas why this is happening? Does he need a different kind of food? I am giving him corn and he eats layer food with my bantam chickens. Thanks...
  19. Frizzled

    the +*OFFICIAL*+ German Shepherd thread :D

    I have a GSD that will be 11 months on the 12th of May. Found out this weekend she loves to play in the river, she trys to bite the waves (didn't work out to good for her though). We have a pool in the back yard can't image hows that going to be when I open this summer. I can't imagine ever...
  20. Frizzled

    Updated pic of the Green cheek babies

    They sure are some cuties, I have wanted a parrot for a long time but due to price and knowledge of how to care for them it hasn't happened.
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