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  1. MrJesse34

    Hawk attack - safe to eat?

    So I have been free ranging for a month or so, and yesterday I had my first hawk attack. When I went outside, I noticed it was silent and there was no noise or movement anywhere in the yard. Then I see the hawk fly up from the ground to the fence, then off the fence. I walked up to where the...
  2. MrJesse34

    Free ranging - food and water placement?

    Looking to get my flock into some free ranging. They have food and water in their coop right now, that they make use of when they are both in the run or in the coop. Once I start to free range them, do you think it would be wise to setup another watering station somewhere else, either in my...
  3. MrJesse34

    Lot of 5-6 chickens - sold together

    Purchased 27 chickens from McMurray Hatchery. Bought the "rainbow layer" package. Now, I am worried that I may have too many chickens for the amount of space. Am looking to sell off a few of them. Chickens are fully feathered and in great shape. I am looking to sell a couple of black ones...
  4. MrJesse34

    Running electrical line to the coop?

    I live in North Jersey, and we have some pretty bad winters. I was wondering what I could do for running some electrical to the coop? I want to be able to have a red light in the coop during the winter for heat (and to reduce pecking) as well as possibly installing an automatic coop door. Can...
  5. MrJesse34

    Northern NJ - expanding run questions (page 3)?

    So I am pretty new to having chickens, although I saw my grandfather do it for the whole time I was growing up. My coop is 8 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet. It was on the property when we bought it. We reconditioned it - its a nice building. Totally predator proofed. Its got 10 laying boxes in...
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