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  1. del gallinero

    Stopped laying a week before her first year " Hatchday " What's wrong?

    I have a flock of four. Had actually. One died last week of a bee sting. Another stopped laying about a week ago also. She is a dominique. She is not acting broody. She's free-ranging and acting normal except for her not laying. About four weeks ago I started noticing one egg of the...
  2. del gallinero

    Perplexing eye problem -- one eye

    In late September I noticed the left conjunctiva on my 4 month old Buckeye swelled. There was a little mucus every day. I separated her from the rest trying to protect the rest, but she wouldn't eat without them so I put her back . Funny thing is that none of the other pullets have had any...
  3. del gallinero

    Green gel for chicks?

    Planning to get my chicks this spring and am looking at preparing food etc. Just a quick question about this green gel the hatcheries and other catalogue suppliers are selling for their first few days. Anyone know about that ?? I have seen Vital Packs with vitamin and electrolytes and Save...
  4. del gallinero

    FROZEN WATER - What's the answer?

    What are the options for keeping water from freezing in winter?? I am going nuts with this issue. I bought a metal waterer and a metal base warmer from Tractor supply only to find out that you're not to use it with an extension cord, which was my plan because I do not have electricity to the...
  5. del gallinero

    noisy hens?

    I am planning a backyard flock and haven't chosen exactly which breeds I am getting, but I am leaning toward the following for the characteristics I need for my suburban set-up. (Hens only) Barred Rocks, Dominiques, and Buckeyes. However, I just read on some other chicken site that...
  6. del gallinero

    coop floor covering

    Been thinking how to waterproof the floor of my up-coming wooden coop. Not long ago I saw a posting that some had put linoleum down. Sounds like a plan. Have those who have done that used the glue on squares or laid down linoleum in sheets? Are the glue fumes over time a problem do you think...
  7. del gallinero

    ?dangerous soil?

    Can someone tell me is there are any potential dangers with placing a coop here? I have cleared out a place in my suburban back yard for my new chicken coop and chickens coming in the spring. I seem to have found an area where the soil has a lot of what looks to be old coal ash or whatever you...
  8. del gallinero


    Hi. Can anyone help with roost size and direction? Specifically, I am looking to buy a coop which has a 2X4 in its vertical position-- the 2 going across and the 4 going vertically. This doesn't seem right to me, but I have no chicken experience. In other people's coops I have seen a 2x4...
  9. del gallinero

    HI. Just joined and love the site.

    Will be getting chicks or chickens in the spring. Don't know what kind yet. Priorities are: 1) will forage for TICKS, TICKS, and more TICKS... and other bugs 2) are winter hardy (live in PA) 3) for laying -not meat 4) ( can't be a guinea hen --- too noisy for my area
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