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    Freezing runners for auto aluminum door?

    Hi, This morning the runners of our aluminum door were frozen, fortunately I opened it manually and was able to free the door before the motor was damaged. I'm thinking of using WD40 to stop this happening in future. Please can you tell me how you've overcome this problem, we need it left on...
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    Eaton Drinker Heater - any good?

    Hi, Apologies if this question has already been asked, haven't been on for a while! I'm looking for solutions to keep our internal waterer ice free now the temperatures are dropping and other than perhaps putting a small oil fired heater inside (not keen) I've come across this...
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    New chick(en)s won't roost in the right place

    Hello, New to this forum, well any forum actually and a new chick(en) owner... co owner with my teenage son. Our chicks (approx 8 weeks old) seem unwilling to go back into their hut when it gets dark and so get locked out when the door shuts after dark, even if the door is switched to manual...
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